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keeping a baby after rape

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Started: 2/27/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Keeping a baby after rape can be a hard decision. Living with that fear, that hurt and the hate towards a person, plus having their baby can be a bit overwhelming. Its not common for a woman to keep a baby after being raped. Most women either have an abortion or give the baby up. Some times if the woman does keep the baby she tends to treat the child different due to the fact that she/he is a rape baby. other might abandon the baby or grow hate for the child as it gets older. Think about it. Looking at your child, who looks like their father, a man who raped you. how would you feel for that child? How can you love someone who looks like a monster who took advantage of you? Its possible but then again it takes time, which takes patients.


Thanks for the debate Con
I canola imagine how important this topic is to some people.
Which is why we're debating it.

*After Rape*

Babies go after just about anything you place near them, so finding a baby after rape isn't that difficult.
That's because finding rape in the home isn't that difficult; it's as common as having french fries for dinner.
Babies watch you, with all of the rape you've exposed yourself to, and they want some too.
This isn't a reason to get rid of your baby!

Babies imitate what their parents do.
Why can't they be after rape like you've been your whole life?
Perhaps your baby's genetically predisposed to going after rape, so they can't even help it, I mean, what's been drawing you to rape?

For me it's potato chips, but for your baby, it could just be that he/she likes what he/she sees.
If you're chronically allowing rape into your house, the baby's gonna go after it; it's hard to turn down rape.
Curse you chicken wings!

Anyway, I see no problem with there being babies after products fried in rape oil, and I fail to see why this would compel a parent to put their child up for adoption or get rid of their child.

Could you imagine?

A - "Hey why did you give your child up?"

B - "The mother f*cker wouldn't stop going after my chips!"

I mean, this is ridiculous, clearly a baby after rape is not grounds to get rid of them; the hypocrisy should be obvious with those fried chicken crumbs on your face.

Yeah, it's like we expect out children to just avoid rape altogether, yet we continue to enjoy it right in front of their face.

*Responding to Con*

Pro mentions:
"Keeping a baby after rape can be a hard decision."

My response:
No it can't be a hard decision, just keep the baby!
Even if it's after rape, which we agree you allowed in the house, keep the baby; there's nothing wrong with the kid.

Pro continues:
"Its not common for a woman to keep a baby [after rape]...Most women either have an abortion..."

My response:
How can you have an abortion when the baby is crawling after rape?
I would also think that a baby's propensity for fried culinary items wouldn't preclude it from staying with the mother.


Rape is a plant cultivated for its oil rich seed and is what Canola oil is comprised of.
Most fried foods are fried in rape oil (Canola Oil), which necessarily brings rape into your home if you keep fried foods.


keep - retain possession of.

baby - a very young child.

after - in pursuit or quest of.

rape - a plant of the cabbage family with bright yellow heavily scented flowers, especially a variety (oilseed rape) grown for its oil-rich seed.

rape oil - an oil obtained from rapeseed, used in foodstuffs.
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