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killer whales kept in captivity

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Started: 4/2/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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killer whales should not be kept in captivity for so many reasons. This needs to stop NOW. did you know that killer whales in the ocean can live 80-100 years but in captivity like 20 years if that.


They have both dominated an era of football drawing comparisons to the very greats of the game such as Pel" and Diego Maradona " but which one is a better player?

Messi had a golden year in 2012, breaking all sorts of records and is widely considered the best player in the world and perhaps ever.

However, Ronaldo, for me, seems to be the more complete and superior player.

He is more complete than Messi and possesses a vastly wider array of skills: he has the pace of Bale, the flair and skills of Neymar and better shots than those of Falcao. It is common knowledge that he is able to dance around players and he is not the only player in this category but only Ronaldo can completely take to pieces the ability and confidence of a player.

He is almost unstoppable as witnessed by the lamentations of many a manager throughout the world as they describe what I call the "Ronaldo paradox".

Essentially Ronaldo knows that he is going to beat his man, either with the ball or by winning a foul, so what he does is he runs straight at them and if they show him away from goal he beats them down the flank and if the other occurs he reciprocates and cuts in to shoot on goal. And if they commit Ronaldo simply has to knock the ball past them and go down with the inevitable contact.

Messi uses his quick feet and low centre of gravity to squeeze his way through defenders but when teams assign more players to him inevitably this system becomes a lot harder.

If the player commits, which more often than not they do, then Ronaldo will be able to use his "knuckleball" technique to bamboozle the keeper. Only a few players " notably Bale and its creator Juninho Pernambucano " have come to grips with this system and it is evident to many that Ronaldo has mastered it.

I hope this is not too damning on Messi because he can strike a dead ball, but I think everyone has to give this accolade to Ronaldo and not Messi.

Ronaldo and Messi have time and time again proved themselves to be outstanding players possessing better understanding and better technique than any other player. However, Ronaldo has done this at every club he has been at from Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has braved the likes of Stoke and the notorious physicality of the Premier League and come though them unscathed, whereas it is hard to imagine Messi adapting to the rather more size-orientated aspect of the Premier League especially without his buddies Xavi and Adres Iniesta.

Which brings me onto my next point: conveniently Messi has always, from an early age, had the benefit of playing with two of the best passers, and thus assisters, in the world.

Taking nothing away from the likes of Mesut Ozil and Xabi Alonso, Ronaldo simply doesn"t have the same service from Madrid. It sounds ridiculous to say "he has to make do with what he"s got" when referring to Real Madrid but in reality Ronaldo is the framework, trigger and bullet of Madrid whereas Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are the respective elements for Barcelona.

Messi is a superb player but recently tendencies to become completely shut out from a match have crept into his game " whether from industrious defending or simply an "off-night" " which cannot happen to the best player in the world.

It is very rare that Ronaldo has a bad game, and also rare if he doesn"t score, but even if he doesn"t get on the scoresheet he will have played his part admirably and will have influenced the game in some form or another.

Messi is all about goals (as should any striker be) and has broken almost every record there is to break and this is what distinguishes him from the rest of the world, but Ronaldo has chipped in with more than his fair share of goals, scoring 200 in 197 games for Madrid " an average of 1.02 goals a game. whereas Messi averages a meagre (yes, of course I"m joking) 0.82 goals a game for Barcelona.
Debate Round No. 1


what are you talking about soccer? can u leave my debate ur wasting my and other peoples time be more considerate!


Oh im sorry I posted that argument when I was very tired. voters that was a free please do not deduct any points.

For many years, the case has been made that the largest predator of the oceans, killer whales (orcas), should be free from the exploitation of a multi-billion dollar marine mammal entertainment industry which has been permitted to operate under the guise of education and conservation. These intelligent, highly social, amazing beings deserve their freedom, however the popular perception portrayed by theme parks have our government officials and the public thinking otherwise. But the tide is changing and the truth about orca captivity is finally catching-on in public perception and with the media.

Unlike the mis-education perpetuated by the highly profitable aquaria, studies have shown the life expectancies of killer whales in captivity are well below those of their wild counterparts. Despite industry claims of advancements in veterinary care, nutrition and husbandry techniques, killer whales fare much better in the wild" even with the man-made decimation of their habitats. The true focus has since evolved toward education and conservation in the protection orca environments instead of continuing to allow the exploitation of these individuals for lucrative entertainment corporations.

In January, 2011 The Orca Project introduced a paper co-authored by two former SeaWorld trainers, Dr. John Jett and Dr. Jeffrey Ventre titled "Keto and Tilikum Express the Stress of Orca Captivity". This report dove into many of the detrimental effects of orca captivity and their decrease in life expectancy through new calculations of the Mean Duration of Captivity.

Today, in collaboration with The Orca Project, Dr. Naomi Rose, Senior Scientist at the Humane Society International has released another groundbreaking paper- "Killer Controversy: Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity" (see it below)

Building on several decades of studies, including a 1995 peer-reviewed paper on the survivorship rates of several captive marine mammal species, the Jett/Ventre report, and now Dr. Rose"s study, the case has been laid-out to show that not only has captive survival rates not improved but they have actually worsened.

Utilizing these reports as well as industry and government documents, the causes of decline in longevity are multi-fold" just as we have presented here at The Orca Project. The stressors associated with captivity are clearly depicted in the Jett/Ventre report as well as our report on orca dental health.

The death of Dawn Brancheau in February, 2010 has also brought the dangers of orca confinement and display to the forefront. It also highlighted the unjust solitary confinement that Tilikum endured for nearly 1 year after killing Dawn, a punishment that did not fit the crime of serving a life of captivity against his will. With dozens of previous incidents between killer whales and trainers leading to injury or death, including the death of trainer Alexis Martinez by a SeaWorld orca in the Canary Islands just 8 weeks prior to the attack in Orlando, Florida, the evidence is clear that orcas do not belong in captivity.

We encourage you to read the report by Dr. Rose which presents the growing body of scientific evidence showing that orcas do not adapt to captivity, including:

Click on image to download "Killer Controversy: Why Orcas Should No Longer Be Kept in Captivity"

Previous analyses using data through 1992 showed that captive orcas have higher mortality rates than wild orcas; new analyses examining data through 2010 confirm that the situation has not improved in the past 18 years, and in fact has worsened. Captivity is, in essence, poor habitat for orcas, causing early death.

Captive female orcas give birth too young and too often, leading to both high adult and high infant mortality.
The most common cause of death for captive orcas is infection. Chronic stress may be an important factor in weakening the animals" immune response.
Captive orcas have poor dental health compared to wild whales, which may be another factor in their susceptibility to fatal infections.
Orcas in captivity are more aggressive toward each other than in the wild. Females also behave abnormally toward their calves more often than in the wild.
Since captive orcas have been publicly displayed, they have seriously threatened the lives and safety of dozens of people, and four people have been killed. However, wild orcas have injured only a handful of people " none seriously " and there are no records, at any time in history, of them killing anyone.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree with you but do you realise that you are supposed to be going for killer whales being kept in captivity and I'm against. did you know that the killer whales in sea world are so depressed that they repetitively hit there head on the wall to kill themselves this has resulted in them being given anti depressants, the same as humans. this makes me so sad, it is like being trapped in a bathtub for 25 years.


Reports say they don't want to hit there heads. they do it because there use to swimming freely with open space. Killer whales are very dangerous creatures. all sea world is trying to do is to protect me and you.
Debate Round No. 3


jrudd forfeited this round.


There very dangerous ok.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Letitia 7 years ago
I am researching on this so that I can have a speech and I think pro had the most realistic arguments. Con looked like he was just writing this on the spot but con looked like he had done research and write all that.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
lol pros response to the argument
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