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know=physical experience

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Started: 7/22/2016 Category: Science
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a blind person cant know what is on a picture i am showing him


It is true that you may have learnt things such as a hot lamp will burn you from physical experience. However, it should surely be apparent that we learn from things besides physical experience. The most basic examples of this is death. You don't need to physically experience being shot to know that it could kill you. As a less extreme example, water short circuiting electronics has not necessarily been experienced by everyone but, we rely on the information of others in order to know it is a bad idea.
To summarise - knowing is a level of belief given from 2 types of feedback : experience and information from others.
Debate Round No. 1


physical experience is cause and effect or logic

life and death is certain

know is true


This is difficult to respond as a person who debates often, I find that debates are the most effective when your respond with a counter argument. However... I will do my best.

"physical experience is cause and effect"
I assume you are saying that in order to physically experience anything there must be cause and effect. This statement cannot be proved or disproved as everything in the universe has cause and effect. When you add the word "logic" to the end the statement all coherency. There doesn't have to be logic in physical experience. Most living things don't know or practice logic. Only advanced animals do such as humans, monkeys, dolphins etc.

Only death is certain. Life has too great a deal of uncertainty to us as to what it actually is to make that statement and there in oncoming heat death of the universe that will end life completely. Where there is life things die therefore death is certain.

know is true is not a grammatically correct statement therefore I will change it to "knowledge is truth". Which is obvious to some extent however, this is still a thousand miles away from the original argument.
Please explain your points for a small minded fellow such as myself and get back onto the topic.
Debate Round No. 2


its to fragmented, you have made about 100 mistakes


Okay. Let's go through the rules of engagement one last time.
1. You write statement that can be true or false.
2. Write your thoughts on this statement and whether you agree or disagree.
3. Someone responds your statement with a counter-argument.
4. You keep responding back and forth until the maximum number of statements.
5. People vote on the best argument.

You accuse me of making fragmented responses. But can't you see that your first response lacks almost everything an argument should have: It does not respond to my arguments at all, it lacks grammatical correctness and does not explain how it relates to the original question.

If you are having problems with my response think of it this way -3 paragraphs in response to 3 statements you made

How can anyone respond to that in a coherent way if it isn't even an argument?
This is the worst debate I have ever found myself in because there is no argument. You are just stating some ideals at me and hoping I know what I should respond with. The three statement you made mean nothing to me at all because they have no context.
Physical is real, metaphysical is unknowable, truth can't be found. Do you see how confusing that was??? WHY WOULD YOU WISH THIS ON ANYONE???
As a final point in a debate you are in fact meant to disprove the other person. Just saying you have made 100 mistakes does not really open up to debating. I mean as a young adult I have definitely messed up alot in order to learn from experience but, I think it must be like a million mistakes or so.
Debate Round No. 3
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