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Started: 8/13/2016 Category: Religion
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belief=not knowing


I think this will be a fairly simple debate. But we'll see.

My first round will center on this example: people did not know that the Earth revolved around the sun. But even though they didn't know, it was true. An Italian astronomer named Galileo Galilee eventually gave light to the world, though, that the Earth is not indeed the center of the universe [1]. He made the truth known.

If you believe in something, it can be true or false. Belief is not knowing, but you can't rule out the possibility that it's true.

Even without anyone knowing, the truth will always be true.


Debate Round No. 1


therfore galileo proved it wasnt true... i dont understand how this is a problem for people to uderstand.. they simlpy believed it, obviusly they did not know it... thats like saying, i knew there was no killer behind the counter, but sticking that knife in my chest i better defend myself.. i mean wtf dude?

true is, not can be.. obviusly

possibilities are not true

as if you has a case.. you people baffle me with your stone age thinking


Galileo proved a truth (truth being that the Earth revolves around the sun). Before hand, people did not know of this. What you morph this easily understandable statement into in your Round 1 is absolute trash... yes, he proved something wasn't true (Earth is the center of the universe), but he also proved something WAS true (Earth revolves around sun). And we did not KNOW this, but the truth was there all along.

Your "knife in my chest" comparison is a good analogy of my argument... at least your jumbled up and idiotic deciphering of it.

1."true is, not can be.. obviusly"

You brandish your third grade mind without shame.

2."possibilites are not true."

At one point, it was a possibility that the Earth revolved around the sun. It was true all along, but at the time, just a mere theory/possibility. We now know it is true, as it was all along.

3."as if you has a case.. you people baffle me with your stone age thinking"

I wouldn't call it stone age thinking... it's logical and easily destroys your whole argument. But even if it was stone age, which it isn't, it beats having no thinking. Such is your case.
Debate Round No. 2


i dont know that thats the case, seams likely that the earth revolves around the sun..

lol.. dude i listen to your low versions of retardation all day long.. why do you go on about truth..

prove the earth revolves around the sun moron

you didnt put forward a challenge yet..


Here is the proof that Earth revolves around the sun: [1]. But before the late 1500s, 1600s, people actually believed the exact opposite, demonstrated by this article [2].

But since you can't understand this example at all, let me give you another one that suits your knowledge.

A five-year old has a test question that reads "2+2=?" Below the question are two choices. The first choice is 3, and the second choice is 4. We both know that two plus two equals four, but the kid does not. Now, which answer is true, 3 or 4? Obviously 4 is the correct and true answer to the question. The fact that the little kid doesn't KNOW the true answer does not make it untrue.

I did put forward a challenge. You are simply not on the intelligence level required to except the challenge (and the level isn't even that high.). You've made this harder than it should be, dumb a@s. Get off this website for your own good.


Debate Round No. 3
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know = vi spex^ee+humanity-this*that^666
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