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Late Term Abortion

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Started: 12/24/2007 Category: Politics
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If any of you have read my first debate, which I thoroughly enjoyed and encourage everyone to vote upon, you will know by now that I am against abortion in cases not pertaining to coercion or an unknowing participant (one who does not understand that babies come from sex). Thus, it should be no surprise that I would not support late term abortions, especially since many PRO CHOICE people do not support late term or partial birth abortions.

Why the discrepancy for these pro-choice people?
I'll get to it.

I approach the problem of abortion from a rights-based perspective. I know many utilitarians couldn't give a damn whether or not the potential human is a human or not because as far as they are concerned, if the child is a burden to the mother, it may be discarded.

However, I, and I think most people reading this, do believe in human rights as worthy of protection over simply pleasure. Thus, we cannot kill something if it is a human being and we have implicitly agreed (through sex) to provide it with positive duties of goods and services.

That is all fine and good, you may say, but i do not believe a fetus is a person, so your argument is null; it has no rights of its own.

When, then, would it be a human. Most of us, even those who promote pro-choice to the highest degree, probably feel a twinge of regret during a partial birth abortion, where a fetus is killed shortly before or during birth. We feel this way because we implicitly feel that it is NOT necessarily the distance separating the inside from the outside of a woman's body that define person hood. It has to be something else. What else could it be?

The logical conclusion is that the more developed a fetus is, the closer to "human hood" it is. A child with all of its organs a heartbeat seems to have more rights than a newly formed zygote. It is in the spirit of that moral intuition that I make my point.

1. Even if abortion is acceptable early on, it is shameful to end the life os a fetus which can survive on its own (if removed from the mother)
2. some late term fetuses can be saved and are viable if removed from the mother
3. Late Term Abortion is not acceptable.
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Posted by robouryman 2 years ago
Another turd that never responded
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