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Started: 10/5/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think LBGTQ is stupid and marriage between them is legally and morally wrong.
1st round - acceptance and a sentence on your position.
2nd- Your Position in detail.
3rd- Rebuttal
4th- more rebuttal
5th- final statments


I accept the debate, and will oppose the motion that "marriage between LGBTQ+ people is legally and morally wrong". As required by the terms of the debate, my position in a single sentence is as follows:

"Consenting adults may do as they wish with their own bodies, and this is all LGBTQ+ people are doing- which doesn't harm anyone".
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this debate.

L- lesbian: homosexual women.
G- gay: homosexual people.
B- bi-sexual
T- transgender

those are the definitions I got from the internet.
I will go be each meaning and tell you my position on them.

L&G- I think that humans were not meant to homosexual. The purpose of marriage is to make a family, and you can't do that with 2 men or 2 women. And Adoption is a terrible excuse for the "making a family argument" because A child should grow up with 2 parents, one female and one male. Each gender has different roles to play in the family. Having 2 same gender parents will leave one gender out of the equation. As far I know Gay and Lesbian mean the same thing, that is why I put both in this category.

B- I don't even know why this is even a category. I think this is an excuse for people to not like one person then go with some else they like, even if they have a different gender. I don't know what else to say to this....

T- There is a politically incorrect way to categorize these people, "Gender Identity Euphoria". The fact that some people will go through surgery that will change their appearance and take pills that change your hormones to go through puberty as opposite gender, I have no respect for these people.

I don't know anything about Queer so I'm not even going there.

I would like to not bring religion in here because not everyone believes in that religion.

This is my first political debate so I hope this is fun and good luck.


My opponent asserts that "the purpose of marriage is to make a family", but doesn't substantiate this. Marriage is a civil, legal, and financial union between two adults, but the nature of their union is up to those involved. This point is thoroughly irrelevant to the issue of LGBTQ marriage, as we also allow infertile heterosexual couples to marry, as well as heterosexual couples who have no intention of having children.

As con conveniently pointed out, homosexual couples may adopt children, and raise children that way. It is also possible for homosexual individuals to become biological parents through sperm donations or surrogates. Con once again asserts that children must have a male parent and a female parent, but does not substantiate this. Once again, this is wholly irrelevant to LGBTQ+ issues, as we allow single parents to raise children, or under unusual circumstances another individual (e.g. an aunt or uncle).

Con confuses bisexuality with polyamory- a bisexual person is attracted to both men and women, while a polyamorous person has multiple sexual or romantic partners (all of which are aware of the others and accepting of this state). Bisexual individuals can be, and usually are, monogamous to one individual- they just don't mind whether that person is a man or a woman. A polyamorous person can be gay, straight, bi, or any other orientation.

My opponent states that they have "No respect for transgender people" such as myself, but fails to give a coherent reason as to why. Hence, no refutation needed.

I needn't expand on my earlier case, as con has not responded to it and ultimately has the burden of proof in this discussion- the default position is that something is not immoraly unless someone substantiates that it is, and con has not yet done this.
Debate Round No. 2


I said I have no respect for transgender who get surgery to change their appearance, I probably should of said it better. There is a thing that describes Transgender : "Gender Identity Euphoria" ,it is a mental disease. And I find it terrible that at a young age kids can decide what gender they associate with. Kids are way to young to make these decisions. The reason young kids make these decisions is because they have to take a pill that changes their puberty processes, can't do that after puberty because it all ready happened.

That is all I'm going to say on this debate. I have other things to worry about and wont finish the debate. I'm tired of people telling me to stop hating on these people. I'll just leave LGBT a personal religious matter. I don't believe that LGBT marriage should be legal, but that it a personal at this point.

I'm new to debating so I'm going to debate less controversial things so I don't get comments saying "stop hating"
-You win


I am glad to accept my opponent's concession, and hope that in time they will come to understand why LGBTQ+ phobia is an ignorant and outdated view. It is as I said in my first argument- Consenting adults may do as they wish with their own bodies.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by xSilverx 2 years ago
I believe that LGBTQ+ is not bad. If you are on this website currently, you are in a free country. A "Free Country" is a country where people can make their own decisions, such as their sexual preference. Plus, they aren't doing anything to you. They aren't harming you. It is their choice to make, not yours. So, If you are against LGBTQ+ people, rethink what a "Free Country" is. Plus, like wantbest4all said "If you don't agree with same sex relationship/marriage, don't do it. Problem solved!" (BTW, I know if your on the website you are in a free country because if it wasn't free, you wouldn't be able to speak your mind. )
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Tuba_players : You have show you have no knowledge of equals rights. You need to stop the hate, and accept people for who they are. If you a believer of Jesus, then you will learn he would accept anyone regardless of they sexuality, he would not hate like you are. Even if you don't believe, it morally not right to hate on someone for their sexuality. You need to grow up, stop the hate.
Posted by Furyan5 3 years ago
Now now SkySky! Play nice. People do not choose their level of intellect or the beliefs they are exposed to while growing up. If you have been brought up your entire life believing two men having sex is immoral, it's not by choice, but through ignorance. Educate. Don't intimidate.
Posted by wantbest4all 3 years ago
If you don't agree with same sex relationship/marriage, don't do it. Problem solved!
Posted by SkySky16 3 years ago
Well I don't know what Sh*thole con lives in but being LGBT is certainly not illegal and definitely not morally wrong
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