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life is fair

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Started: 12/10/2015 Category: Philosophy
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Hello. My name is Taka from Japan. I'm turning 21 this upcoming January. Here I am saying honestly if life really is fare or not form my standpoint and my whole life experience. Before I begin, Id like to thank you for coming to this debate topic and find me.


To begin with, I will clarify my point of view to make sure we are both thinking the same thing.

I believe that Life is fair - however I do not believe it is fair as in 'Life would be fair if everyone got everything they wanted and no one fought, and people just were good to each other'.
My belief is a little 'harsher' than that.

Life is fair, because no one anywhere gets everything given to them on a silver platter just because they exist. Plain and simple.

I understand the first few things coming through your head now are along the lines of 'What about the rich and famous people, people who are living in mansions from the day they are born, or have amazing skills, etc. etc." Or something along those lines - These things I can explain, however I would like to use the next round to ask you for a bit more information :

What does 'Fair' mean to you?
What do you think fair is?

Why do you think that it is unfair?
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for the reply. And sry for the late response.
Well, I just barely started using this website and not really know what to do but

-What does Fair mean to you?
Fair to me means every situation from the birth. So in this case, Im meaning the money situation, family situation, and of course, physical situation because when I was younger, I always wanted to become a model and actor but couldn't because of my psychical situation, etc. So basically, these things are not what I pursued before I was born.

I wanna say Im just happy because Iam who I am however, on the other hand there is a lot more that I can't do anything for. I don't know if it is just me but yeah mainly money, right, social conception.


No problem at all, you have up to 72 hours i believe to respond, there is no reason to apologize, however i thank you for your compassion.

Ahhhhhh, Okay - let me change my scopes here, as i was branching out on everything and their fairness.

So this debate is that there are things in your life that you feel are unfair and would like to discuss why they were unfair?

From a biased opinion, which it seems where your coming from (Your life, your money, your physical situation, etc.) - life would most certainly seem unfair - The people you want, don't want you for one reason or another, We never have enough money to get what we want, and everyone has flaws in their personality or physical build that they can scrutinize and lament about.

From that sentence above, i am sure 99/100 people that read this will agree with you - Life is not fair, we never get what we want.

THAT is precisely what I refer too when i say that life is actually fair - If everyone in the world believes that life is unfair, doesn't that mean that everyone is on the same level, which i believe is the definition of 'fair'.

I completely understand where you are coming from, I myself am turning 24 in..... 9 days - I have next to no money, have home problems and my own insecurities about my body.... I think that's pretty fair considering that you have these problems as well.

Now we have completed the broad outlying, we can start to focus on specifics.
I believe that you have raised this point as you are felling a bit upset on the problems that are going on in your life.
My advise is to not dwell on these problems as simply their problems - That is a circle that will spiral straight into the drain, you will feel depressed, angry - not to mention sad - that these problems exist.

Try instead to think of how you will feel in say, 10-20 years time, looking back on these issues.

Do you want to think back saying "Man, i wish i had done something to change this - i should have done SOMETHING" - not implying that you are not trying anything, but just so i can show examples.

If you were to try today to change just one of your issues by a tiny amount, after that 10-20 years, you will be looking back and smiling over the 'small' problems that were gigantic mountains to you at the time they were happening.
You have no money? So what - People in 3rd world countries don't even have an efficient currency system, you are already a step ahead - Get a job, do the work and save/invest - Money will not be a problem after time.

Physical - Work on your body! the body is a vessel that will literally meld itself to the outside environment, lift heavy things and you will bulk up - eat healthily and you with thin down. Figure out what you want your body to do, and then follow through - My advice is to create schedules or plan it all out - Your body is built on routine, if you work it into your day-to-day life - You will get results.

Now back to the debate, How do you feel that life is Unfair?
Debate Round No. 2


ahaha, thanks sir. i appreciate you pointing out things and misconception I made here. I understand that you said that money would not be an issue once I get to work and start making money when I become adults.
I just maybe wanted to be born in a wealthy family. It started to sound like it is not a debate or anything any more haha.

Let me discuss a bit about money. I can't give way too much about what I am thinking I need with which most of my concern can be solved, but money can solve lost every issue that I am currently having. But being rich is the hardest part for me right now because of it

I still am sticking to my own concept of unfairness. I feel life is unfair when I face something highly important that I can never obtain with my life status, or something that you can never change.


Yeah towards the end of my last response it became less of a debate - that's why I put that last bit in there :P

Okay, I understand the Precepts you have in the last response - My reply to you is to ask, Why should you be provided with all this wealth and status?
If you can provide me with a clear reason behind why you should receive all these things and yet still have not gotten them, I can guarantee that I will forfeit this debate and retreat to my cave to mull over some life decisions.

Now - I have no personal knowledge of you before this debate opened, but I have a feeling you are like most people, you think you are a good person. The problem people have been having, is some belief that you get a return on this 'good karma' that you are pumping out into the world.

I feel that this is less of a debate on the meaning of fairness, and more of a place to complain why are you not receiving these things that you want - Life doesn't work that way - it does not fit the human definition of what is Fair (I get what I give - for example, if you do a good deed, good things will happen to you).

The only true fairness in the world can be broken down basic logical, mathematical and practical laws - such as one of Newton's laws of Motion " Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it."

The reason I bring this concept out of no-where is that - the subject of fairness appears to correlate directly to your current living conditions - Your wealth, status, relationships and intelligence.
If you had all that you want with your living conditions - I don't believe you would be raising this debate.
Now - using the Newton's law of motion into a more 'metaphorical sense' - i.e. things will keep going the way they are going unless you change it - You will need to look further back to your parents, their parents - and so on.

Your parents have provided the best they can to promote a healthy growth, as their parents did to them, and so on and so forth. For future generations, you need to make their future even better than what you had (sounds like an external force - i.e. YOU ).
People who are wealthy, are usually only this because their parents were rich - Obviously this excludes the self made millionaires, though they will be the next parents to provide their children with a childhood that you clearly want - IF you want 'fair' - make it so your kids have a good life, because that's what people who have looked into the future and planned for it have done, and their kids are reaping the benefits.
Debate Round No. 3


Hello. I came to the realization that I have a uncontrollable habit which I always tend to compare myself with someone and see myself as an unlucky guy and Ive been pretty down because of it however I feel like I can move forward and smile. those things come from comparing other people with myself and trying to look superior to them which is generally consider not to be good.
And yea basically what you are saying is I believe correct and would like to apologize about complaining tons here.
Thank you so much.


No problem at all!

It was an observation there, I wasn't intending to make you feel bad friend.

If that is the case, I will put a closing statement on our Debate here.

Closing :

Within the context of Human society, I would 100% agree with you that life is unfair - for it to be truly fair, there would be no land ownership, Inheritance should be sent into the state government upon death to be evenly distributed out, and judgment based upon appearance or circumstances would be globally shunned (No prejudices, based upon appearance) - Human society does not do this, so life is not fair in that context.

Life in general is fair, in the fact that it is unfair across the whole playing field - i.e. If the day is hot, everyone feels the heat.

It is a completely crazy, chaotic and honestly, f*cked up reason that life is fair - But hey; Life is as Chaotic, Crazy and to be honest, f*cked up - which is why it works and I classify that it is fair.
Debate Round No. 4


- It is a completely crazy, chaotic and honestly, f*cked up reason that life is fair - But hey; Life is as Chaotic, Crazy and to be honest, f*cked up - which is why it works and I classify that it is fair.

I understand this statement.

So at least anybody on this universal has something they didn't wish to have or expected ?
I see you point of stating life is fair - because every human being has different types of difficulties and flaws.

Life looks like unfair at the first glimpse, but you made me reconsider it and that got me to your conclusion, your point.

Thank you.


I appreciate the feed back, Thank you - This is my first debate so I feel both of us were not 100% in following with a debate (Not following the rules for debates completely) - but I think the outcome is much better than a Win.

The entire purpose of a debate is to open the eyes of the other side, I feel both of us have done that - so I most certainly enjoyed this debate.

I hope you move forward with the perspective you have now - as that is all you need to improve the current lifestyle that you are at. Never give up, Learn from your mistakes or failures - and recognize each time you are stronger - physically, emotionally or mentally - It isn't Arrogance to acknowledge a fact. (i.e. "I am good at " is the recognition of skill - "I am the best at " without proof, that is a statement of arrogance).

Anyways, thank you very much for this debate, I enjoyed each round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Zarium 3 years ago
I would like to debate with you on this topic - I believe i can turn your opinion in this matter. :)
Posted by Takaakiishikawa 3 years ago
Thanks for pointing out the dumb mistake Well I'll put my thinking cap on for a better comment and also looking fwd to you guys commenting me back with funny thoughts
Posted by bballcrook21 3 years ago
I didn't know you had to pay a fare to live life. (Sarcasm, pointing out spelling error)
Posted by Takaakiishikawa 3 years ago
What do you guys think ?
Posted by Nonsense 3 years ago
I smell bait.
Posted by Yassine 3 years ago
- This would've been really sweet if only the instigator was Pro.
Posted by Takaakiishikawa 3 years ago
Yeah. I am a totally positive holder that considers it con. I know it might sound weird but.
form my standpoint, I don't think life is fare
Posted by Zarroette 3 years ago
Whoah, you're on the Con side? Are you sure you don't want to be on the Pro side? You can edit the debate, if you want -- no one will blame you. It might be a bit hard to edit it, though, considering that you're new.
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