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mac is better than windows

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Started: 3/25/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Over the course of this debate I will be sticking to 3 major contentions.
Mac - Any x86-Based (to exclude mobile devices) computing device created by apple
PC - Any Non-GSM (to exclude mobile devices) capable devices, that are not embedded devices, that have unlocked bootloaders, that are not created by apple.

Regardless of poor wording, the intent of the above is to exclude all phones, and tablets (with locked bootloaders) as well as embedded devices.

But first in addition to the aforementioned definitions I will be providing "assumptions" that I propose simply for the purpose of argument.

The first is that the targeted audience that we are speaking of, in terms of "superiority, is the low-high-end user, low being Chromebooks or other UMPC's such as the Nokia N900 or the raspberry pi, the high end being enthusiast PC's with latest generation i7's and SLI/Crossfire, that is made from parts. In addition to that audience, I assume we are also targeting the server audience, from the low-end to the enterprise-end user. Low end, being a home DNS server running on a raspberry pi, High end being whole floors filled with racks of high-end servers, used to serve thousands-millions-billions of customers/consumers around the world.

For fairness to my opponent, I will assume that a "hackintosh" PC does not count as a "Mac" or as a "PC" and is irrelevant to this argument. In response I ask that the equivalent, Linux on a Mac, does not count as a "Mac" or a "pc" and is just as irrelevant. Seeing as both are "exploits/(I hate to use this word but...)hacks"

Now on to my contentions.

My first contention is that PC's are a better value than Macs.
See my first piece of evidence:
And my second:
As is clear, for the even LESS than the Mac I, I got a PC that was FAR superior in power to that Mac, packaged with 680 bags of cookies, (my favorite cookies too :D ), 7,200 pop tarts, 1,450 bags of hot cheetos, 2250 bags of lays, and 1300 bags of regular cheetos. I believe my point has been made.

My second contention is that PC's are more freedom-respecting, than macs.

Macs, are locked down. On a Mac, I cannot access the EFI. My inability to access the EFI leads to:

My inability to overclock my CPU.

My inability to change the boot order of a mac.

My inability to boot from a live cd/usb/removable storage.

My inability to ... (the following are inabilities related to RAID
Put my computer in Raid 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 0+1 and pretty much every other minor raid level except for the major
levels, 0 and 1, and the minor JBOD raid.


Mac is alought better and is less harder to navagate and use that lets say a windows xp which are hard to use. Mac also has apps that come with it when u buy it like itunes garageband i movie and others. Mac also come with a viris protection software these upgrades make mac alought better for use. Yes the price might be high but you are getting something worth the time and effort that Apple put into them.
Debate Round No. 1


Mac has apps as you call them so does Windows Windows media center, Windows movie maker just to name a few but does Mac have compatibility for a large amount of games? No I didn't think so it has limited Amount you can install and does Mac have compatibility to upgrade without having to buy a whole new computer no. Also there is better software for Windows then Mac like better virus protection software better video editing software on top of that at least you can play a game and record it at 1080p without any issues. And now with Windows 8 it has become 10 times easier to navigate through then Mac will ever be.


ok u do not need to buy a hole new computer to upgrade a mac. mac is itergrated with google. mac also dose not have a limit on games. Mac is also easer for geting things like windwar or 7zip. u can also record in 1080p on a mac and come with a recording softer on it. windows may have media center but u have to buy movies and apps for that to. Mac also has itunes app store which gives you a ton of free games and soft ware. The software updates are free. And updates like mac osx are amazing. mac also update for u dose windows no it dose not. windows u have to go out and buy a hole package for the system not mac.
Debate Round No. 2


You say Mac Is able to upgrade with Google are you retarded Google does not upgrade Mac's Google is a search engine and much more but does not upgrade Mac.
Mac does have limited games the majority of games are Windows only Mac is not built for games it is built for work and also Mac does not record well for that you need a PC not a mac.
They don't record very well as I have stated Mac is a work computer not a gaming computer.
You have to also buy movies and music from iTunes Store but also Windows has 10 times for free software then mac and on top of that there is way more games that are free to download then Mac will ever have.
Windows also is free to update but not upgrade same as Mac os.
Now you claim Windows does not update well sir you a
Have never been so wrong Windows does update for you all you need to do is click install update and hey presto it's updating.
You have only presented false information about Windows can do everything you claim it can't you sir are so wrong and all of those claims have been dismissed due to false information.


ok i accept that and i did not mean that google upgraded it. Ofter good consideration and reacerch i have concluded what you have said is true. U have won. Thank you. I will see you on the next argument.
Debate Round No. 3
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