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man loves woman out of compulsion, not out of necessity

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Started: 7/11/2014 Category: Society
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hello! the statement is man loves woman out of compulsion and not out of necessity. i stand firmly for the motion. love developed among man and woman for the sake of their offspring. man and woman needed to come together and well have sex. but just because a man and a woman reproduces doesn't mean that they love each other. it is a social and biological compulsion borne out of concern of offspring.


I will begin by defining terms:

Love - acceptance,appreciation, selfless giving for the benefit of the other person

Now as for necessity, i think it's a need based on the desire to feel a close connection with another human being. I think for some people, this would be a need rather than a want.

Your right, just because a man and a woman get together and have kids, doesn't mean there is love, however in most cases, love exists. Healthy relationships have commitments which will enable both to raise kids. Thus it is not just a social and biological impulse.

Some couples don't want offspring and are still in love.
Debate Round No. 1


welcome to the debate, seeker of truth. I accept your definition of love however let me redefine necessity and also compulsion

necessity- an indispensable thing or person. here it implies that man loves woman because without that he can't survive.

compulsion-an irresistible urge to behave against or differently from one's conscious wishes.

now to come to the point of biological compulsion. very few animals display long term fruitful relationships with the opposite sex as humans do and this is a good thing because in our evolutionary past we were bipedals and since the mother couldn't make the baby ride on her back, she had to hold it In her arms. thus she needed a male to protect her from the predators and thus began amorous love. it was an absolute necessity in THOSE days. however when we are so well developed in this age of modernity where as I am sure all civilisation will agree when the woman can take care of herself, the concept of man loving woman no longer becomes a necessity but is a rudimentary compulsion borne out of our violent biological past.

now let me bring up a new topic of discussion. I am sure many of the readers of this debate or even you truth seeker must have had a crush or fallen in love. now the question is did you CHOOSE to fall in love with the person? did you CONSCIOUSLY fall in love or was it a sudden event beyond your control that just happened? was it not an irresistible urge DIFFERENT from your conscious wishes so much so that even when you try to concentrate his/her image would appear AGAINST your wishes? referring to my definition of compulsion, I think it's quite clear that love is compulsion not necessity. source of biological point is scientific American magazine.


while i agree, women do not need a relationship and we have evolved to do well being independent, however humanity needs relationships or otherwise, we wouldn't survive. We have not outgrown the need for reproduction. No matter what method we have, even if it's artificial insemination, women need men and men need women. These methods cost alot and not everyone can afford them. You shouldn't just consider physical aspects of it, but also the social,emotional, and societal importance of relationships. Having relationships structures our society, creates families, creates fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, helps the human race thrive in their jobs and lives. In that sense, we "need" relationships.

I have fallen in love before. My affections for another person were not voluntarily and beyond my control, i can say that, but i could choose whether to reveal my feelings for them and to make the relationship work. It was an irresistible urge beyond my conscious desires and yes, i found out their image were against my wishes, but sometimes, i feel i probably somehow cannot survive alone in the world. In that sense, it's a "need."
Debate Round No. 2


I do agree that there is an obvious need for reproduction however for man or any animal to reproduce love isn't considered necessary and lust will do. And also about the revealing feelings part, i think the debate is about man loving woman regardless of the woman's acceptance or knowledge.

I do accept that human beings are social and need others but man can have men as friends,etc. One can also argue that the feeling of needing someone is an evolutionary gimmick which makes us come together to perform a rudimentary duty.
As to families with the high divorce rates, etc larger stable families are a thing of the past. They are social compulsions which many are breaking by liberal relationships such as live in relationships, etc. finally I would like to quote a great man " immature love says I love you because I need you. Mature love says I need you because I love you." - erich fromm. It was great fun debating with you, truth seeker. I may find myself compulsed to debate with you again. I rest my case. Please vote lots and fairly and impartially!


My opponent leaves out the physical factors needed for man to survive based on a relationship. While i agree that love plays a roll in the relationship, we still need people to reproduce and pass on the human lineage. We still need all the things described in the last round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro failed to sufficiently draw a distinction. How is a compulsion different than a necessity? If you MUST do something (compelled to), how is that different than NEEDING to do something (necessity)? Pro and Con both seemed to have arguments too jumbled to make a determination on. So I'm nulling my vote. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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