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marvel is better than dc

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Started: 5/20/2021 Category: Movies
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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marvel is way better than dc because it has the following;
1. Better characters, Dc has a million superheros who donot make sence
2. Better plot, Marvel has amazing stories while dc has trash stories
3. Better CGI, Marvel movies look way more realstic then dc movies


I don't necessarily disagree with you on this, Because Marvel is really good, But I think you're hating a bit too much on DC. First off, You should compare all things, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Marvel Comic Universe, The DC Cinematic Universe and the DC Comics Universe. You're basing all your opinions off the live action movies, And the only reason marvel had better live action movies is because they had a more stable film production. In fact some Marvel characters a directly inspired by DC characters. The comics for both series are really good and I think you'll find that most of the nonsensical superpowered individuals you stated earlier will make a lot more sense once you read the comics. Give DC comics a try and your attitude might change, It's a rich lore filled multiverse with intriguing characters and a motif that inspired basically all other superhero comics and movies.
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Posted by Meryllen144 3 weeks ago
I believe Marvel is better than DC, Why? Because Marvel has a better structure in their histories and they created memorable characters in every movie and DC have many options to do excellent movies but always creates very bad plot movies and it is really hard to think in any wonderful movie from DC.
Posted by IDHC 4 weeks ago
I agree with those who thinks marvel is beating DC, Because I think Marvel creates more relatable characters, Constantly brings fresh ideas to the table, And shows a level of creativity on the big screen that DC can't seem to compete with.
Posted by A.Gilmore 4 weeks ago
DC came first. Without DC Characters, Marvel wouldn't exist as it does today. Sure, It can be argued that Marvel perfected the DC characters, But they had to have something to work with from DC first. So. . .
Posted by MARY26 1 month ago
I consider that, DC has better planned series, And focuses on the plot more than Marvel. Marvel has very interesting characters, And none of them are perfect, Nor do they try to be. As for how much fun it can be, DC has its moments, But Marvel is sure to take the Award. As for Art, DC takes the award.
Posted by CARO13 1 month ago
I strongly believe that marvel is better than dc.
In my humble opinion It has the best plot, Plus the climax moments are perfectly designed to keep the audience connected.
Posted by Nani09 1 month ago
In my humble opinion everything depends on what you want to see, Each person has different preferences and that should be respectable for everyone, I personally prefer Marvel movies, They seem to me to be much more developed and with better special effects, Their characters they do not hide their identities to show themselves to the public. Although several of the DC characters do it and in a way that in my view is not very smart, I am sorry but I have to say that a simple pair of glasses or a different hairstyle does not seem to me to make a big difference. :) :) :)
Posted by FernandaGranados 2 months ago
I agree that the marvel world is better in the movies than DC, In the case of the movies they are more interesting, With better effects and much more attached to the comics of the creator Stand Lee, Also an important point is that the movies They do not present as much change of actors as in DC.
And if in the case of comics, I feel that they can have a very similar level of entertainment DC and Marvel since both make people use their imagination and go back to being children.
Posted by Ihsieman 2 months ago
This is clearly based off of the live action versions of each.
Posted by Ihsieman 2 months ago
DC's animated series are some of the best superhero shoes to ever exist.
Posted by Alexandercorderosalas 2 months ago
i really agree with this, But dc has a lot of characters in animated movies that are better than marvel animated movies, But the new Marvel universe is the best kind of movies about super heroes and the history that marvel developed is amazing
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