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mass execution of spiders

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Started: 4/13/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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they are hated just have the government kill them all


For a ten word opening argument you still left a lot of holes.

- "They are hated". by whom? Spiders perform an incredibly necessary function in our ecosystem. Indeed, they keep disease and insect population in check. Without spiders, the number of other insects (that they eat) and the microorganisms that cause disease would run rampant. Spiders play a very necessary role in YOUR health.

-"just have the government kill them all". Why would it be the Governments 'job' to kill all the spiders, even if it were desirable to do so? And how exactly do you propose they go about this monumentally impossible task? Considering there can be hundreds of thousands of spiders in a single acre, how exactly would you eradicate them? How would the Government even afford such a massive undertaking that would surely fail, anyhow?
Debate Round No. 1


Im sorry you are not at my intellectual level... but 90% of America hates spiders and we can create robots to kill the insects and help the ecosystem. They government is supposed to fufill the peoples demands and the people of America don't want spiders. We can make sound waves in the air to attract them all to one spot and then burn them


I will agree that it appears I'm not at your 'intellectual level' and haven't been since about the third grade.

-'Hating' spiders is not a legitimate reason to exterminate a creature that is CRITICALLY important to our ecosystem.

- It is NOT the role of Government to "fulfill the peoples demands". I want a Lamborghini, when should I expect the Obama administration to deliver one to me? The role of Government to secure your safety wherever possible. Eradicating spiders, no matter how much you dislike them, would be BAD for you and all of society, hence Government would be performing a detrimental act by attempting kill them.

-Sound waves in the air? Spiders don't "hear", they don't have ears. They feel vibrations on the ground. "Sound waves in the air" would have exactly zero effect on spiders.

-Create robots to kill insects? Come on. You're just being silly.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok then we will use technology to send attractive vibrations that will
Lure the spiders all to one spot. At this point they will feel comfortable because they are with their fellow spiders. We will then use flamethrowers and torch them. At this point an elite group of scientists will have created a series of human friendly robots to take their place in the ecosystem


Aside from the fact you are obviously oblivious to how many spiders there are (you are almost never more than 3 feet away from one, you just don't usually know it) and the absurdity of your 'solution' to destroy them, your fantasy land idea that 'robots' could effectively replace spiders role in the ecosystem is beyond ridiculous. No man made contraption can replace any species role. Not to mention the sheer number of these 'robots' that would be required, maintenance, etc. being completely cost prohibitive on even a small scale.

Quite frankly, spiders perform a much more important role on earth than even humans do (humans are mostly detrimental to earth) so if you wanted a more logical solution, it would be to eradicate humans and let nature do what it does to create a perfectly functioning ecosystem.

Of course I'm not advocating wiping humans off the earth, I'm only pointing out that your selfish goal and unrealistic solutions would accomplish nothing positive and a whole lot negative.

BTW, I've never seen a 'robot' that can trap and eat billions of insects.
Debate Round No. 3
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