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modern american government is very similiar to organized crime and religion

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Started: 4/7/2018 Category: Politics
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This argument is limited to reality, and the real-world, everyday conduct of government, not delightful theory and "how things should be".. I concede that if govt officers were honest, ethical and moral, and operated strictly according to the fundamentals of law, the american system would be uniquely exceptional, and a true benefit to mankind.

First, the only thing that makes govt "real" is 1) belief, and 2) the force and threats of violence it wields. There is no proof any constitution nor the edicts of any legislature applies to a single man. Govt will argue "because it just does" or "because we said so"... And, of course, people are free to submit to it, and agree to be managed thereby. Govt and religion share common traits. Neither can be proved to exist or be real, other than the fact that people"believe" in it. Govt is just a bunch of men and women demanding you pay them or be killed. Both are based in a written instrument, a bible, a koran, a book, a constitution... both have a pyramid structure, with one at the very top, cascading down through ever-expanding levels of agency and bureaucracy, to the bottom of individual Churches or Courts (both having similar interior designs, and a man in a black robe presiding over it).
Once american govt was established (before 1800) and not rejected by the population, it began to mutate into the dogmatic criminal organization it is today. The popular vote is ornamental, performed at digital gaming machines where no paper record of a vote exists.... but it doesn't matter, the election is decided by the electoral college anyway... There is no True, Honest checks and balances over the 3 branches of govt. Committees are always "investigating" govt crimes. Translated, investigation means you will not see prison. There is Absolutely No check on the judiciary, the branch that most facilitates the american prison system, the largest on earth. All law-making appellate courts are appointed by the executive, Commissions on judicial conduct enforce ZERO tangible consequences for criminal judges. President kings rule through executive order... an invention of Abe Lincoln, who, thru the murder of 500,000 americans, was able to transform the "republic" into a parliamentary monarchy. And, the use of the term republic vs. democracy is so ridiculous. 95 out of 100 nations are "republics"... China, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), ... it's a meaningless term.... people saying "america's a republic not a democracy!" YEAH! a republic, just like north korea.

The realities of america can be dressed up in all sorts of fancy terms and word magic, but at the end of the day, citizens (which the first 150 years of courts defined as a subject) have only two choices: 1) Comply, or 2) Be fined, jailed or killed. There exists no proof any constitution or legislature applies to me or you, and the argument that if it didn't, there would be chaos, is just a self-indicting argument, that you are unable to conduct yourself morally nor ethically, and crime is inevitable. What's right is Right, wrong is Wrong. Man does not need an over-paid greedy corrupt criminal institution to dictate one's conduct. What man needs is an ethical, moral procedure to punish real crime, not a run-away prison industry partnered with the greedy bar association and police state to dream up imaginary victimless "offenses" to fill prisons for a profit.

The term God is found in every state constitution preamble in america.. In the declaration of independence, IN GOD WE TRUST is in most courts, and on all the money. Which God??? There are hundreds of "gods" in this world's history. It's difficult to assume it is a christian god, as the govt is in gross violation of biblical laws. It is likely MONEY is the real god of govt... the One Eye, found on the $1 bill... Mon Eye.

Money is the lube in the gears of religion, for so long govt has relied on religion to justify its existence. See Romans 13, unremarkable propaganda to worship govt, supposedly written by a man Paul, who never met Christ.

If every man could "do unto others as he wants done to him", police, courts and govt would become obsolete. If today, govt wants to legitimize its self, it should obey that simple natural morality. Lead by example, rather than being the worst example, rather than being the Supreme Bully.

What gives an immoral institution the lawful authority to stand in judgment of a population? American Govts are immoral institutions, facilitate rampant abortion, war, rob from the hard-working to give to the lazy, fabricate absurd victimless offenses to fill for-profit prisons and justify bloated courts and armies of attorneys.

Legislators are available to the highest bidder. The lobby sees to it that laws are made to enrich attorneys, prisons, corporations, banks. The only people who see positive law made "for them" are those who go to the polls to vote themselves entitlements. Too much power has been given to the govt to rob from the hard-working and give to the lazy who just vote criminals into office who promise a raise in welfare or other entitlements.

In essence, Prosecutors are very similar to the crime boss, in that there is no check and balance on his power. While mafia has no 'court system', in most cases american courts are simply there to fool the population that the unlawful attacks against them are "legal" and their fines/imprisonment were brought about "fairly". The notion that "due process" justifies the taking of your freedom and money is lunatic logic. To be clear, this applies to victimless "offenses" and not malum in se crime where some one was harmed/injured.

At the end of the day, the population puts more faith and belief in a govt than it does a god or religion... they violate the rules of their god to satisfy the govt religion. This abandonment of morals espoused by a religion fuels the modern govt lawlessness as it wields tyranny with Absolute Immunity. U.S. Supreme Court has decided there is ZERO punishment for a judge no matter how malicious, vindictive, and evil his acts may be.... the same immunity the mafia boss enjoys. A judge is the only one who can ORDER the police to engage in violence against you or your family... and unfortunately, the immoral, degenerate american police Never hesitate to perform said violence.... just like a mafia soldier.


The American Constitutional government is by and for the people according to the founders of America, and the globalist elite running the world are against God's people.
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