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morality=right+intent(morality IS right AND intent)

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Started: 10/10/2015 Category: Religion
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morality=not doing the wrong thing, so doing the right thing, to contrast with there being a wrong thing to do in order for me to do the right thing

how could i do the right thing if there is no wrong thing for me to do?

morality is like math, guided by objective so absolute even thou subjective

the only way to define right and wrong is by using logic, seeing a log, i know i shouldnt try to run straight through it

is granny in the wheelchair evil because she couldnt get her cat out the burning apartment so it burned alive, or do you feel sry for granny for losing her cat in such a terrible accident?



Morals have nothing to do with logic. That is ethics, and there is a big difference. Ethics are the rules set by authoritive figures such as parents, teachers, priests, governments, etc. They reside in our conscious minds and we automatically assume the rules of a particular society, country, region or religion that we belong to.

Morals are a set of values and behaviours we learn through our experiences as children by watching adults. For example, a girl who's mother drinks and smokes believes this is how a woman should behave. Society my say its inappropriate, but in her subconscious the girl sees nothing wrong with it.

As you can see, morals are not a matter of choice but a result of past experiences. Ethics are also not a matter of choice unless you are the one who makes the rules. In that case your morals apply. Conflict arises when moral and ethical values oppose each other and our choice is determined by which would make us happiest. Not by right or wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


morality is right, logic is the measurement of resonable, right is resonable. logical

so to you, legally binding people to kill infants at birth or they will go to jail is morality to you

yes you see things and learn from it, so you can do the right thing, this is using logic to determine what is right or to learn

morality is right, not wrong, evil is wrong

everything that exist has an opposite for it to exist


truth is logical, there are only the same logical options for everyone.. it isnt logical to feed your kid battery acid anywhere on the planet as a standard..


Yes. Feeding a kid is wrong in most people's opinion. Both morally and ethically. But is being homosexual wrong morally and ethically?
In some countries and in some religions it is considered a sin. But that is a ethical standpoint. Individually our views may differ. Their are even homosexuals who consider it a sin to be homosexual. That is because their subconscious minds control their moral values and their conscious mind controls their ethical values. Ethical values can change, but moral values are a fundamental part of who we are. We have no choice in the matter.
As for feeding a kid battery acid, although ethically every society agrees its wrong, only 99% of humanity believe it's morally wrong. A sociopath does not consider other people when it comes to morality. Only their own desires matter and if a sociopath decides that he is better off by feeding a child battery acid, they don't see anything morally wrong with doing it. Even if they know its socially unethical.
Debate Round No. 2


it is wrong to feed a kid battery acid to keep it healthy.. has nothing to do with oppinion.. gummi bears will heal your cancer miss... trust me i am a professional doctor in here


gay=illogical, ex. no kids

so if you have no choice when it comes to morality.. clearly you are not the arbiter of it.. do you decide that 1+1 is 3?

morality is knowledge, belief is immorality


to you.. feeding kids battery acid at birth to keep them healthy is moral, because the moon is made of cheese..


How do you know this?
A drop of battery acid added to a child's meal every day may make them immune to illness. Your statement is based on assumption and assumption is the root of all evil.

Homosexual = no children, fact
Earth is overpopulated, fact
No children = good, logical.

Nobody is saying that in all societies there are levels of ethical behaviour we all consider bad. But when it comes to morality we do not get to choose. Whether something is good or bad is determined by our past and can not be altered. We can only learn to control our actions. Not alter our thoughts.

Ps, agnostic = don't know
Atheist = don't believe.

Agnostic = God is possible
Atheist = God is impossible

Everything is possible, therefore Atheism is illogical.
Debate Round No. 3


morality is logical

i agree that we dont really need more population, or something.. but the logical path is reflected by the consequences of an action

so if you dont have a choice it clearly has nothing to do with your oppinion..

past is memory of now, logic is now, past is logical

i accept i dont know=non belief

how does the atheist know god is impossible.. clearly you have just defined atheism as a belief..

everything is, atheism is only as illogical as theism, as they are both possible


Exactly. Morality is our subjective view of right and wrong. But actions are judged by societal values. Ie ethics. We only know our own intentions therefore can judge only our own actions. Human action is motivated by pleasure. Not by morality.

And yes. Atheism and theism are beliefs and illogical. Only agnosticism is logical.
But religion is not based on logic. It's a choice. The only true choice humans have. Every other choice we make is predetermined and based on facts. Choosing to believe God exists, or doesn't exist, is the only free will we have.
Debate Round No. 4


so morality is wrong?

religion is a false choice.. and agnostic has nothing to do with belief..

a predetermined choice is not a choice..



Morality is neither right nor wrong. We have no choice.
We can only choose how ethical we will be.

Agnosticism does not involve belief, only facts.
Religion and atheism are both beliefs and therefore illogical.

And yes. Choice is a virtual construct of the mind and does not exist objectively. Every choice we make is predetermined.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
immorality is belief
Posted by Furyan5 3 years ago
Rudderless yes, but in an inescapable current called fate. Let me explain.
Rajah is 5. His father drinks too much and beats his wife. To Rajah's 5 year old mind, this is how a man should behave and this is what wives want. As Rajah gets older, he learns that this is not socially acceptable behaviour. Rajah wants to be accepted by society, so he doesn't drink or hit his wife. These are his ethical beliefs and they reside in his conscious mind. But the moral values Rajah learnt from his father are also part of him. They reside in his subconscious mind. Rajah may have blocked out the memories of what his father did and may not even be aware of his subconscious moral values. As long as his conscious mind remains in control, he will never drink and beat his wife. It may manifest only as a little voice in his head telling him to do things and he has no reason why. If God decides your moral values, he does so by giving you role models to follow. We are not born with this moral compass.
Posted by sidah 3 years ago
This is a very interesting argument and fundamental to all humanity. Pro, I think you have a valid question 'how could i do the right thing if there is no wrong thing for me to do?' Con has a questionable response that ethics is at the root of right and wrong and that we have an internal compass to guide us.

Everyone has a belief system, whether it's humanism in which case we rely on authorities to dictate our moral code in the west. However, realistically everyone has a different moral compass and how do you know that you're being led down the best path? Really, this is an anything goes philosophy. There are no real parameters. Athiests, agnostics etc probably fit into this group.

'Religion' has a moral code defined by God. However the confusion lies in the difference between so many religions. Common sense will tell you they all have demarcating beliefs, ie, only one can be the truth. The question we have to ask ourselevs is which one is true? Or conversely, are all of them false.

If one is true then you will find your answer to the moral debate - who or what defines morality? Otherwise we are rudderless ships with no real convictions.
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