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more bike lines in NYC

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Started: 3/23/2014 Category: Politics
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P1- haveing more bicyclist lines is not only safer for our cyclists but also it educacates all street users of bicyclist's rights, and being more careful drivers. ";

P2- more bike lines help the traffic move facter in NYC and lessons the over capacity in the subway system as well as its trains. ";

C: we need more bike lines in NYC.


P1- Adding more bike lanes doesn't necessarily mean that bicyclist will be more safe nor does it mean that drivers are going to become more educated. Bicyclist, just like drivers ,openly flaunt traffic regulations without any concerns. During a sting investigation by the NY post on a busy Manhattan intersection they found that at least 24 percent of the more than 7,000 bike riders openly flaunted traffic laws. According to the village voice, "the New York Police Department also issued 13,843 tickets to bike riders through the spring of this year, up from 9,345 over the same period in the previous year, and just 3,708 in 2009. " As you can see, clearly the bicyclist aren't being educated since they aren't following the rules.

P2- Although Bike lanes have helped traffic move faster that doesn't mean it's making it safer for Bike riders, moving vehicles are still not following traffic laws. Bike riders are now more prone to injury since cars are going at a faster speed.

P3- N.Y.C bike lanes doesn't have anything to do with lessening the capacity in the subway systems. Bike lanes didn't have any large affects on the number of subway riders. As a matter of fact, N.Y.C subway rider ship was about 1.7 billion last year, it's the highest since 1949.

P4: Adding more bike lanes would impose as a threat to the vehicles on the road. N.Y.C roads are already plagued with horse carriages, moving vehicles, parked vehicles/double parking and public buses. Adding more bike lanes would create a hazard on the road due to the fact that roads are being squeezed in to fit the lanes. Bike lanes aren't designed with the safety of the bicyclists in mind, if that was so more rules would be implemented and enforced.

c- We don't need more bike lanes in N.Y.C
Debate Round No. 1


P1 more lines does mean bicyclist are more safe here is stody done by Peter Tuckel and William Milczarski of Hunter College at the City University of New York, New Yorkers on bikes are measurably more law-abiding than they were just four years ago. "Bike Lanes + Bike Share = Bike Safety" PDF, looked at the behavior of 4,316 bicyclists at 98 different locations in central and lower Manhattan. The researchers compared the resulting data to what they found in a similar, although not identical, survey in 2009. Since that year, the city has installed more than 200 more miles of bike lanes, for a total of 537 miles; launched a bike-share system with 6,000 bikes (in May 20) “There has been a significant improvement in bike safety,” says Tuckel. More riders are stopping, or at least pausing, at red lights; riding in bike lanes; and wearing helmets. Fewer riders are pedaling against traffic. More lines means more drivers are awere of bicyclist are righngt next to them that teaches the drivers to be more carful.

P2 if it is true what you say “moving vehicles are still not following traffic laws” are we safe. We have to understand that bike lines is relatively young idea a new precaution for public safety. With time and more bike lines drivers will have to lurne to be precarious.

P3 here is how more bike lines helps both move the traffic faster and lessons the capacity of nys trains.The common-sense way to use the streets is not to clog them with passenger cars that go nowhere fast. Instead, it's to make more room for safe, gridlock-free walking and bicycling to ease growing demand for mass transit. If 10,000 of these people are using bikes instead of subways, the M.T.A. no longer has to worry about 10 subway trains each day, which is important when parts of the subway system, like the No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 trains on the East Side, are over capacity.”

P4 Adding more bike lanes would not impose as a threat to the vehicles on the road. The line is there to keep the distance from bicyclist and driver its there bikes only the wheels of car should not be on bike line and this makes bike lines safer. It does not disturb the driver because is in separated space and bicyclist could ride on his own speed without slowing down the car.

C: we need more bike lines in NYC



P1: You stated that more bike lanes will cause safer streets , law abiding bikers, and more aware drivers. I do not find this to be the case. While there have been changes because of bike lanes its effects simply haven't been that effective on the roads and although they have solved some of the issues faced on the road, they've also created new ones as well. Bike riders have become more safer, but not because of the bike lanes but rather because more laws have been implemented aimed at reducing speeding and those laws are being enforced more then ever .The city has cracked down on punishing bicyclists who don't follow the rules on the road as well,bikers are facing greater pressure to abide by the law as well but not because of more bike lanes.

P2: If we add more bike lanes then pedestrians and drivers are going to have more to worry about. Pedestrians are now not only going to have to worry about speeding cars when crossing the streets but as well as bike riders that don't obey the law. Drivers on the other hand, are not only going to have to worry about jay walkers but bike riders as well when making turns. You stated that bike lanes are a "young and new idea", if this is so then why are N.Y.C officials trying to add bike lanes in such a quick time? Instead of simply trying to add more and more bike lanes officials should examine if they're truly effective in the long term because they're bound to create more issues in the future.

P3: If 10,000 New Yorker's began using bikes instead of the subway systems then that won't be solving the real issue at hand, that would simply be moving the issue somewhere else. Sure, the subway system would be less vacant but then that would be moving the problems onto the roads, the roads would be packed with bike riders. Also, this would only be a temporary solution because it doesn't take into account things such as the climate. Whenever the whether is bad, New Yorker's aren't going to be riding bikes, they'll resort back to trains.

P4: Bicyclist are going to be able to drive at the speed they wish but they're going to do it at the expense of motorists and parked vehicles. As I stated before, with the addition of bike lanes comes narrower streets and that not only creates less parking space but less driving space as well. Wider streets means more available space for cares to drive and park. Bike lanes are creating such as hassle for motorists that some are simply giving up on driving in N.Y.C

c- We don't need more bike lanes in N.Y.C
Debate Round No. 2


P1 more bike lanes will cause safer streets , law abiding bikers, and more aware drivers. The key to witch you agreed with me here is there have benne changes because of bike lanes, and they have solve some of the issues of the road. Any new law or any expiation takes time to perfectly make it work. For example the MTA when it first started did it have problems did it create new issues I did right it still does but with time we so improvement. A new law a new expansion like more bike lines is like baby you need to give it time to matcher to grow. People need more time to get use to the idea that’s normal. You see you admit that riders have become more safer, laws with cars reducing speed that not only as biker makes me feel safe but even as pedestrian. That tills that drivers are becoming more educated.

P2 with you agree that both drivers and bikers and pedestrians need to be more cushiest more responsible. The addition to more bike lanes is precaution a system is safety action for both having distance from speedy cars and not biking on side walk keeping pedestrians safe. If there were no bike lines the probability of upcoming car hitting a bicyclist or bicyclist hitting a pedestrians are high more likely, more bike lines only aid this station. Adding more bike lines only helps NYC citizens its bright smart young and new idea that needs to be taken in action. I don’t see how bike lines create more issues in the future, I think its improvement a precaution and safety futaer.

P3 If 10,000 New Yorker's began using bikes instead of the subway systems then that won't be solving the real issue at hand, that would simply be moving the issue somewhere else. I don’t agree with that its like saying adding more train lines and busses with slow down traffic and with make it more crowded. More bike lines does not mean that before bike lines people weren’t using bikes, more bike lines simply provide an alternative to a train or car it does not move the problem it help aid the problem, and its a good health exersize. When weather is bad it effects everybody the cars the trains bike are no different, but what does weather have to do with more bike lines.

P4: the addition of bike lines doesn’t really narrower the street most bike lines are on big wide streets and bike lines like 1/3d of car line. And how does it creat less parking space I didn’t know cars can double park. Space is not the issue more bike lines safe life’s that important part. I don’t agree with you. “Bike lanes are creating such as hassle for motorists that some are simply giving up on driving in N.Y.C” really am sorry but that’s just funny.

c- We need more bike lanes in N.Y.C



P1: Yes, there have been changes made but the changes simply haven't been effective enough for N.Y.C officials to expand bike lanes. There are several factors that have occurred during studies that say that bike lanes increase speed and lower the number of injuries, it hasn't simply been because of the bike lanes. For this reason, N.Y.C officials should withhold the expansion of lanes until they are absolutely certain that it's because of the bike lanes and not another factor. Pro, you said it yourself, " Any new idea or any new expansion takes time to perfectly work." With this being said, since the bike lanes is a new and innovative idea, why are officials trying to rapidly increase bike lanes. Like you said, they should wait until they see if they work perfectly and are of actual use. You used the examples of the MTA, they didn't simply make more trains and buses hoping that transportation would improve. No, they examined what worked and what didn't.

P2: We can both agree that pedestrians,driver and bikers need to be more careful but bike lanes is not the answer. The reason it's not beneficial in the long term is because more problems will arise. If more laws were enforced on the road, bike lanes would not be need all together. Since, this I likely not happening any time soon, a limited amount of bike lanes on large streets is fine as long as N.Y.C officials don't try and keep expanding.

P3: The point I was trying to make was that if New Yorkers began using bikes ,as opposed to the subway system, then that would be moving the issue to the roads which would create more issues at hand such as traffic. If you add more of anything onto the road,then it's bound to create some traffic issues. You're right weather does effect all moving vehicles, but it affects bicyclists the most. Since bicyclists are going to be on bike lanes now, they'll have to compete on the slippery roads with cars and injuries will surely happen.

P4: You said it yourself, MOST, not ALL. When the expansion of bike lanes occurs, these streets are going to have so many hassles to deal with. I never stated that it's alright for cars to double park, I"m simply stating whats inevitably bound to happen,Cars are eventually going to double park. For example, delivery trucks, whenever they're making disbelieves to stores they're going to have to double park. N.Y.C officials need to come up with answers to scenarios such as these. Bikes lanes do create an issue for motorists because now their road space is getting much smaller and they have to watch out more bicyclists now. I'm glad you found premise 4 funny, that's totally what I was trying to do....

C:We don't need more bike lanes in N.Y.C
Debate Round No. 3
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