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my milkshake is better than yours

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Started: 6/10/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And, they attest that it is indeed superior to yours.

As irrefutably demonstrated in this graph:

<a href=; />

And demonstrated here:

<a href=; />


My opponents argument is totally false. She makes a basic bar graph comparison of my milkshake versus hers, but her data points are misleading and will be debunked by scientific literature.

Her main flaw in her argument is that she compares her boys in her yard to mine at the beginning of our experiment. Her research fails to account for a simple factor: how many boys were in her yard before her data collection. In fact, is probable that her numbers were inflated due to the fact that more boys where in her yard compared to mine before our data collection. In fact, once this is accounted for, I bring in more boys to my yard then you did. You started with a yard containing 10 boys in it, whereas I only had one. By the end of the expiriment, I had obtained 9 boys you had 11. Those 10 boys and 1 boy were there for other reasons--i.e., using our trees to cool down, not look at our bodies. Therefore, based on the statistics, you only brought in one boy who admired your milkshakes, whereas I attracted 9 [1]. Further, according to a recent poll, in a milkshake competition 69.69% of boys prefered my yard due to milkshake attractivness compared to yours [2].

Blue me, red her. Boys on Y axis, time on X. Indeed, in the graph above[1], we see that I came from the bottom and now I am here, she started up there and made very little progress, detailing the undesirability of her milkshakes.

Further, a bar graph accounting for boys not there for milkshakes (which her graph fails to account for, as all her boys are there for other reasons) leads to this conclusion:

--> Blue is me, red is her, Boys on Y, her and me on X.

In fact, when these statistical anomolies are accounted for, we see my milkshakes statistically superior to hers.

The Griffin picture supports my general argument. As you can see, his milkshakes have attracted 5 non violent boys to his yard. Nonviolent, you ask? The vast majority of criminals are non-violent drug offenders [3]. Further, with the prevalence of prison rape--which Peter seems to be a victim of--it shows that men are so attractive that we cant even resist bringing boys to the yard. They will come whether or not we want them to.

Spock details my argument perfectly:

My milkshakes are superior. Further, my opponent has failed to bring in my pokemon skills, which are detailed in the video below.


1. kadams, 16, Thett3, YYW. "An Inquiry to the Attractivness of 16k's milkshake: An Econometric Model", Journal of and Milkshake Efficiency, 2014.
2. Dupre, GarretKade. "A Poll of Boys interest in Competing Milkshake models", The Milkshake Foundation, 2014.
Debate Round No. 1


did you look at the graph i provided? it doesn't get much more offiical (looking?) than that. again, it was self evidently irrefutable. that all the boys attest to the superiroity of my milkshake goes to show that it is in fact superior.

con tries to significantly limit the number of boys in my yard. con rests on faulty scientific evidence, based on a minute fraction of the scientific community. by far most scientists have reached conclusions opposite con, but con seems to enjoy going against the scientific consensus. indeed, many of those scientists were male, and in my yard attesting to the superiority of my milkshake.
the fact remains that all the boys have been brought to the yard and attest to the superiority of my milkshake.

con says that the men will come whether or not we want them to. con suggests then their actions are based on nature, and not their own choice. however, their action go against nature, and they had a choice in it anyways. any boys in con's yard were the victim of coercion, and they were later or earlier happily sitting in my yard enjoying my milkshake.

im not sure it's sure it's fair to invoke pokeman, as that is known to be a major trump card. con resorts to playing dirty. con needs to rest upon his own arguments, but cannot seem to do so. he knows deep down that the all the boys are in my yard and prefer my milkshake over his.

the response in the spock picture is the only appropriate response. you have no choice but to concede, and if you do, at least in a well articulated way like that, i'm sure consideration can be given for that.

while i normally charge for my services, please consider the above advice free of charge.


AW HELL NO, you just didn't say your milkshakes are better than mine again!

Let's talk about dis scientific evidence. My opponent claims I am using contrarian science which, in fact, has more of a consensus towards her side. This is not the case. In fact, dairygirl was able to achieve some consensus in the political literature using her political clout. Indeed, she was president for one term running on her milkshake popularity. However, her opponent, Mrs. Miller, wasnt much competition [1]. The fact that Mrs. Miller also made a milkshake claim, and got 49.9% of the popular vote, shows that dairygirl is only slightly above an old fat lady's attractivness. Miller did beat you in the sing off, which is sad.

With the win of the election, she gained influence and monetary power. She corrupted journals, she corrupted the EPA (publishing the "dairygirls milkshake sexiness" article twice a year), and paid off dissenters. However, your clout has decreased as you have spent a significant amount of your influence already. In fact, a recent literature review has stated the amount of skeptics about your milkshake attractivness has risen fro 3% to 40% [2]. Further, the question as to how many people can be brought to the yard is the true question. The opinion of the people, not the scientists, is what truly matters. And as stated, a worldwide poll suggests that I am much more fabulous and that my yard reigns supreme. The American Medical Association argues, "as dairygirl went through stress, having to invade Iran, in her term, and still recieves hate mail from people who her reckless orders harmed, her attractivness has increased, she looks sickly and unattractive, 16kadams looks young, sprung, and is a huge hunk" [3]. Further, the consensus science never was able to account for the men in your yard before you began your claim to milkshakes and, therefore, relies upon false statistics. Everybody likes me now, k gurl?

Yeah this gurl doesnt understand the want them to thing I posted. I mean look at Peter, he is getting guys to his yard but he doesn't want them there, but they want to be there. The people chilln' in my yard are there because they want me. I have hired guards to protect me, sadly, even those have become corrupted and I had to throw them outside. Their will is so strong, I will soon be devoured due to my attractivness. You, on the other hand, dont have a fence and leave your door open because you want them to come in. Ha, desperateeeeeeeeeeeee. You beg for them to come to you, I beg them to leave. Burnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Pokemon is a good argument hoe! I not only attract the good looking ones, but I am able to get all the Nerds to come to me too. My pokemon cards bring all the nerds to the yard, and they're like, do you wanna trade cards, hell yeah, I wanna trade cards, I'll trade but not my charizard. See, I have milkshakes and 12 year old powers. I am well rounded.


gg no re

Ew, you offer free items? Ha. Everyone who has viewed this debate has recieved a bank notice. Oh, you owe me 1,000 bucks now. This is the only way I can leave my house--if I leave, I get attacked by loving fans--I need economic incentive to debate noobs in the milkshake world like you. Even the Kardashians pay me money. Who pays you? Well, the Obese society.


1.;(see top)
2. Thett3, "A survey of top scientists: Is Dairygirl's appeal on the rise... or on the fall", Journal of Milkshake, Yards, and Boys, 2014.
3. AMA meeting which obviously happened
Debate Round No. 2


con argues by voting standards in the popular election that i am merely common place. however, the votes were rigged. con and his lackeys rigged the election with big money. when we tried to do a fair recount to count the votes con suppressed, con had his lackies on the supreme court rule in his favor.
con argues that it's regular folks who have issue with whether my milkshake is superior. however, what do you expect for a lay common folk? if the media portrays the issue as an open question, the people will act as if it is too. they are not scientists, and the media doesnt really even get into the science any way.

con acts as if i have to pull or force people to come to my yard. the truth is that they are compelled by forces far beyond them, much stronger than the strongest sex drive, to come to my yard and enjoy my milkshake.

con ignores that i am dairygirl, and as such, i have an inherent advantage on dairy products, including milkshakes.

in fact, my milkshake dominance is so well established, that they made a song for it. let me leave you with it.

thus, we are forced to conclude, that, in fact, my milkshake is irrefutably better than yours.


Aw pfft, I didn't rig an election. I mean, I live in this house

Does it look like I can rig anything with my big money?

My opponent claims she has a high sex drive, but our dark lord disagrees

I mean seriously a guy with a metal d!ck who cant lift it up because it was burnt off and now its too heavy is calling you out on your sex drive. The only way you get people to get to your yard is like the russian lady who fed her attacker viagra for three days then raped him...

Yeah, well, the dairy industry used chemicals. I am all natural bby. You use growth hormones and crap to make your milkshakes. Your milkshakes are more like 'my milkshakes bring all the cancerous moles to the yard'.

Sadly, my opponent is a twin to bad luck Brian in his milkshake outcome.

25C10×(0.4)10×(0.6)15 = my milkshake is better

Vote CON
Debate Round No. 3
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
You're the best, 16k.
Posted by progressivedem22 7 years ago
lol this is epic.
Posted by 16kadams 7 years ago
Posted by Mikal 7 years ago
i just died

16s argument made me lol
Posted by ChosenWolff 7 years ago
I could make a argument regarding the milking of shake fish archetypes, but....
Posted by musicheart126 7 years ago
Ma milkshake brings all da boys to the yaaaaard

Posted by Geogeer 7 years ago
I may be able to beat you on a pro-life debate, but I cede to your greatness here.
Posted by MysticEgg 7 years ago
The GIF really annoys me. Urgh. Sorry, it's just that I wasn't aware it would work on the challenges section.
Posted by 16kadams 7 years ago
It wont let me D: I was gonna be fun
Posted by 16kadams 7 years ago
yolo I am doing this
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Reasons for voting decision: 16k has a spock filled milkshake. That is enough for my vote

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