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no prisons

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Started: 11/26/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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on the path of truth comes a sudden transport with impenetrable shields

let that which makes us most friends, welcome anyone else.. leaf doors on a gate of flowers and skulls..

truth beats time in prison

habitual, love, belief, need government regulation.. for balance, no need for prisons.. responsibility
enough negative leverage gravitates actions to a certain low.. predicting the future of sins.. but what will a cake lover do locked in a bakery.. we know how fat he is and how many cakes he eat every day, to many.
if its the case we can predict a sinners future based on his negative leverage, how could it be moral to put some one in a prison for their actions? when we therefore know how to treat it and that it needs to be treated.. do we just bring a heavily clothed random man into the presidents office? and why execute a heavily clothed random man that wants to get into the presidents office

treament is limitation or options to balance

will a certain addict be an addict tomorrow? with enough negative leverage

negative leverage.. predictability.. negative emotions.. un natural.. un balanced.. to much love.. holes in my teeth effect
negative leverage=disbelief+bad habbits


crime is predictable by pain of need

your hate reflects your love

the lack of responsibility breeds the lack of responsibility

of all kings, only the intent of a power loving king is evil


what will we do with murderers and terrorists? Will we just let all of them free? We cannot just let these people keep doing what they are doing, now can we?
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they fit the old system, there would be no murderes following this system i present
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Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
dont try to sound smart, you sound terribly stupid
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
but even not being able to get hammered or wasted is unbalanced.. so there should be room for that to
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
actually this could be done as a limitation on intake of alcohol.. on a daily basis and on a promille or how much alcohol is resonable basis.. as a limitation of law

so esentiallly thats like, if some one needs to drink to much, he will be granted certain options like free money, to do something else
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