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non binary and gender-fluid aren't real genders

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Started: 3/14/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There are only two biological genders male and female. Gender isn't something you can change overnight you don't suddenly wake up and say "I now identify as a tree" like that doesn't work that way.



Opponent fails to make really any mention of why non-binary and gender fluidity aren't "real" genders. I'd agree that gender isn't something that one "wakes up" and decides to change, it's often a deeply held conviction that is only revealed and understood over a long period. This isn't really a very strong argument against common sociological conceptions with regard to gender.


P1: Gender conceptions vary from society to society
Evidence: Blackwood's classic study of individuals who were viewed as "cross-gender" within Navajo society,[1] where there were many many conceptions of gender - "male-bodied female", or "feminine male" being included among them. The obvious conclusion here is that gender conceptions must therefore be created by society - there's no transcendental category of "male" or "female" common to all societies/cultures.
C1: Gender is societally constructed
P2 : Societally constructed things can change over time.
Evidence: Conceptions of gender have changed in modern day society
C2: Gender can change over time.

Therefore, any understanding of any gender as more or less "valid" or indeed real than another is an invalid logical contention. The categories were made by man for man, not man for the categories. The resolution is negated.

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Posted by rocinante 3 years ago
@henryburge: I would encourage you to read Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. Also, you are conflating biology (sex) with gender (identity). Sexual, or biological differentiation, isn't a straightforward XX/XY or male/female binary. There are a litany of factors that influence biological sex, including those born XXY. Sex and gender aren't so easily resolved from the outside looking in...
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