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papa my god what do you believe and think am i true or wrong, any lawyer from my papa accepts truth

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Started: 4/12/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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papa the world is actually controlled by genies who wins through any truth be it temporary truth or any truth and when any genies wins from any truth they take time from others and there time is changed and when any genie wins from anyone they keep proving they are true until there genie dies or says they were lie until there god or master proves they are not lie or wrong. Papa humans life is controlled by genies only who makes time of humans for doing anything in advance or through humans memories or dreams or thinking so why humans are proven as wrong when they are not wrong and why religions gods genies wins from them by proving fake truth why they dont stay with original truth and they keep saying they are with truth and even sees future by believing in there god so until some genie proves others are wrong with any temporary truth by keep remembering there humans memories or dreams to take time will you believe in there truth to be real and give them winning or genies takes winning by proving they are true with any truth like from 4.5 billions years religions gods won from each other by proving they are true which was fake truth as if there was any truth then there truth they come and defeat others by forcing them to sin or win from them to prove they are true. I want to know papa how the world and universe is running with those who says they are true with there own truth which is temporary fake truth which is not proven as lie or wrong then them. That truth is wrong or lie which is proven as lie and wrong and since 4.5 billions years religions gods and believers believed in temporary fake truth and saw future and went in future and went in past and what else you know it better. So how did they believed in fake truth to be true a truth which is not proven as lie by anyone and did many things. So dont you think papa just prove truth and win from everybody whether be it any truth then them and if anyone becomes wrong with there truth then they lost there time and property and genies takes there all and gives to there gods. I will be waiting to know what you will say whether i am true or wrong and if i am true why i cannot see future from current and why i cannot see past from current and why i cannot go in future from current and come back and enjoy my life. I need answer from you god because you give victory to those who are true so do you give victory or genies give victory when truth is proven ? i want to know answer god. Tell me do you like me or love me and do you like me with the time set by someone to write this to you. What do you think of me. Have you seen me did you like me, what do you think i am ?


Wrong! You are lie, the genies are lie, God are lie, I are lie, we all are lie!
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Don't worry. He's just inspirited by some Yo-kai... I think.
Posted by Verithenes 2 years ago
Ummmmmmmm... what?
Posted by SirHarrison0 2 years ago
hows autism treating you?
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