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pc is objectively better than almost all console

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Started: 4/9/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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PC is objectively better than almost all consuls
frame rate
muti tasking
overall performance


i agree with the bulk of your argument, but i think that there is one glaring exception.

Garfield kart 2 is considered by 90% of people to be the best video game ever crafted. it is known for its powerful storylines and amazing soundtrack (written and recorded by hans zimmer). Recent data shows that 80% of time that the average person spends playing video games is spent on one game:garfield kart.

Keeping that in mind, when you look at the controls of pc, you find that they are wholly inadequate to play garfield kart on a competitive level. Ideally, you would use the ground-breaking controls of the OUYA (2012).

The smartphone housed in the ouya system is capable of running garfield kart at a stunning 7 fps. to add to this stunning perforance, the OUYA has the perfect controls for maneuvering garfield and his friends around garfield kart's scenic levels. The only downside that i can see to this console is the occasional glitch (most notably bursting into white-hot flames and dialing the tuckersville county pizza hut). there is also the slight issue of connectivety. Players report an average ping of 756, which causes poor garfield to teleport all over the place. But for the most experienced players, this is actually a far superior way to play.

After reading about the OUYA's numerous upsides, it seems ridiculous to call the pc a superior system.
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ugh im tried of trolls
plus exclusive are anti consumer and you most likly could hook up a better setup fot it on pc
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