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With time anyone can change


I believe that given enough time anyone can change. Believe: accept something is trueChange: become different apart from traits that are defined the day you are born or stuck with due to a cause and cannot be changed. I would like anything opposing with what I said. If one point is made that I cannot refute you win, If you want to make more points then you can. ...

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Is the existence of God probable?


It seems your former opponent has refused to provide a substantial response to your arguments and has forfeited his position. If you accept I'll try to represent the pro position as best I can. And you can start by presenting your arguments in the contrary to the resolution....

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On balance, Animals should not be killed for human consumption


Resolution: On balance, Eating meat is immoral. The BoP is shared, With Pro presenting arguments that on balance, Humans should stop eating meat and Con presenting arguments that humans should continue eating meat. Definitions:On balance: In general; on the norm...

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Is there such thing as being morally right or wrong on an objective level?


If morality is subjective then can there really be an objective or even a general view on it? I would say no. With this morality would fall onto something like a spectrum which would then obscure the idea of right and wrong so much to the point of of not being able to determine if something was or was not morally right or wrong, Maybe even to the point where neither truely or purely exist....

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My opponent is smarter than me.


Since my opponent has chosen to be so, It's clear that he has found this motion interesting. That means he's somebody who's capable of identifying good motions and is also humble, For he'll be trying to prove that he's not smart at all. I assume that he'll try to follow in the footsteps of Socrates ad act incredulous while being wiser than me. If he attempts to prove me wrong and does so beautifully, Which he will ultimately, Then too my motion will stand....

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A giants curse


If you were big enough, Like king kong, Even if you tried not to, You would eventually crush the deer and the mountain lion, In the dark of the forest night...

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God isn't needed for the existence of the universe.


Before there was the universe, There was nothing, Nothing, And only nothing can come from nothing, As logic says. However, In this nothing, There is nothing to support logic, So it is possible for something to come from nothing. It is also possible for the world to come from this nothing. So, There is no need for a deity....

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The self is an illusion


There's no centralized self in the brain but it's composed of multiple autonomous regions. People think that there is a thinker of thoughts but in reality there is just the thoughts. Different patterns of neurons in the brain compete with each other and if one pattern wins over the other a certain decision has been made. There is no central part in the brain that collects all the information and decides what to do with it....

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Atheist moral judgment on religion have no basis whatsoever.


Atheist should be able to make moral judgments on any religon, No matter how bad, Simply because they have no basis for their morality other than their opinion. Opinions are subjective and as such one atheist can say the Christian God is wrong for doing 'A, B and C' and another athiest can say the Christian God is in the right but neither would be objectively correct. As such any atheist who tries to claim religion is immoral is wrong had no way of knowing what he says is objectively the tr...

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Are we living in an eternal dream?


I will set forth an argument against the 'Dreaming Argument' as inspired from Descartes' Meditations in Philosophy The basic argument can be placed into one sentence: if one cannot be certain that they are not dreaming, Then one cannot be certain that reality exists. There are some undeniable truths belying this statement. The first is that: we cannot KNOW something unless we can rule out all the possibilities that aren't true. In other words, TRUE certainty (what is known) can only be ab...

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