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phones should be allowed in school

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Started: 6/26/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that students SHOULD have a cell phone for educational purposes. People say that students are irresponsible with their cell phones. HELLOOOO! Did anybody realise that phones have educational apps?
Phones at school… has a nice ring to it!
On phones you can download many apps. Some of these apps can be used for educational purposes. Words With Friends, Reading Eggs just to name a few. In the 21st Century Phones have been PROVEN to be beneficial for education. Phones have calculators, calenders and the Internet. This has just combined three devices and put them into one! You have easy access to all of those things and they also make learning more fun! Phones have been proven to increase the enthusiasm of students. Instead of writing in your workbook, you could be online playing an educational interactive game with your friends. I’m not sure about you but I think majority of people would choose to play an educational game over writing in your textbook! Now lets face it. All kids nowadays are going to be using a LOOOTTT of technology when they’re older and working. They may still be using phones or may be using a more advanced piece of technology. Using phones in school will give children experience for their jobs when their older. Isn’t the whole point of school to learn things for their future lives? In some parts of Australia, it is quite deserted, and there nay be only one or two children living in that location, or possibly none. The nearest school could be a LOOONNNNGGG way away so the student may not be able to go there. With a phone you can use it to go on the internet and learn things yourself, or you can even Skype the teacher, or she could email you work and you could complete the work, and send it back to her! An education like that is better than no education!


When debating a subject it helps to research the subject you are arguing.
so I will open with asking you to prove your facts to me by these studies you have talked about but not actually posted in your argument.

So I will begin by understand that of course cell phones CAN be used for educational purposes but let's be honest here. How many kids are actually using their phone for educational purposes. Knowing several teachers and talking to them as I research this subject more... More kids are texting during class than actually using their so called calculator app. Words with Friends is a social game and though has educational purposes playing that in the middle of a lecture would be very rude and likely not at all related to the homework likely going to be assigned to that student.

Yes the internet is available on the phone, but the computing power and the number of windows you can have up on a Laptop or a Desktop at the school computer lab would be much more efficient when researching a subject the teacher may have given you for a report. You can bet I am not posting this debate via my cell phone. I type 10 times faster with a keyboard than a virtual keyboard on my phone.

A far as enthusiasm, i would like to see that study posted in your next rebuttal. There are other ways to increase enthusiasm of students besides cell phones, or are you saying those of us that grew up without cell phones were ever enthusiastic about learning? Schooling is several hundred years older than cell phones. or are you saying after these many hundreds of years of schooling, students are just now finally getting enthusiastic about learning because now we have cell phones? please clarify.

As far as technology is concerned. A phone just really isn't needed when you have other devices that can help a student much better than a small screen in which you have to hunt and peck for writing a small report. A Laptop would be much more sufficient and also easier to see if you are actually on task vs just "texting a friend" or "playing candy crush".

I also fail to see how using a cell phone will give children the experience they need for future job skills. Again, what I do for work, all I use my phone for is sending and receiving texts/calls/emails. My Laptop, however, is used quite a bit more than my phone.

So I disagree a phone even is remotely needed in school. there are more distractions on it and easily concealed distractions no less since the device is so small.

If you would like to conduct a study on words per minute typed on a cell phone for reports vs on a full size qwerty keyboard I would be happy to help generate that report.

So that being the case allowing cell phones in school is just an extra distraction when a laptop can do everything your cell phone can do but more efficiently, allowing a cell in school just isn't needed.
I look forward to reading these studies you claim cell phones help student productivity.
Debate Round No. 1


pumpkincandy forfeited this round.


See Argument above.

No new information has been presented.
Debate Round No. 2


to shay my friend, to shay as i understand that yes, children could possibly be using them in class for non-educational purposes, i am not stating that they need a cellphone, or should completely throw away textbooks, i am simply stating that they should be ALLOWED, not that they are MANDATORY. As i know some people cant afford cellphones for children, i understand that. They do not need a cellphone, i am just stating that they should be allowed. No other information needed. thank you for a challenging and interesting debate.


The word is touche ;) (though will not allow me to put the little accent over the "e" ).

I understand you are stating that they should be "allowed".
However, I was stating what could be used instead of cellphones as since there are so many other things that are useful to the academic cause, teachers do not even need to allow them in school.

They shouldn't be allowed for the reasons you have stated. Which is why I posted the way I did.

I would much rather see students carrying Tablets or Laptops over Cellphones.
Why, easier to see what the student is doing with the bigger screen.

Allowing cellphones in class or in school is like "allowing distraction"... will there be distractions? sure... but should we allow them to be distracted? absolutely not. The fewer distractions the better.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by shivam007 7 years ago
i really don't consider that there is such a necessity of cell phones in the school. yes it has many apps but there is a greater chance of misusing it. cell phone has access to net calculator and much more but there are more ways like gaming social networking sites which can distract a child from his studies. he wont be able to focus and even can't put up his best.
Posted by thenewkidd 7 years ago
I completely agree Abdab.

Allowing cell phones because "they are going to bring them anyway" is a horrible reason to allow phones.

That is like saying we should allow teens to do drugs because they are going to do it anyway.

I believe the there is more distraction than benefit here.
Posted by Abdab 7 years ago
It's not so much that, it's that there are obvious reasons that phones shouldn't be allowed in schools. I mean, you say playing games is educational, but is playing words with friends really going to teach you as much as actually studying English language or Modern Foreign Languages? If you give a child a phone in a classroom they are going to be texting their friends or playing on facebook or twitter, they're not going to be learning.
Posted by thenewkidd 7 years ago
There isn't much of a debate here.. I mean, I guess there is.. but in actuality... at my age...

Cell Phones are actually pretty new and to argue that cell phones should be allowed in school is like saying those of us that grew up when cell phones didn't exist some how means we were short changed some how and that children now a days are some how smarter because they have their phone with them in school...
Posted by Abdab 7 years ago
I would debate this with you, but I have a feeling you'll either start forfeiting or you won't actually take anything I say seriously.
Posted by Malacoda 7 years ago
I'll debate you on this if you lower the voting period. Three months? I'll be back in school be then!
Posted by pumpkincandy 7 years ago
come on evrybody needs a cell :0
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