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pineapple belongs on pizza

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Started: 4/6/2020 Category: Funny
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe pineable should be considered a condiment for pizzas as equally as cheese, Bacon or olives.

Im not argueing that you have to like pineapple on pizza onlly, To many its tasty and belong on the menu :)


I do not think pineapple belongs on pizza. The textures do not match and the flavors do not compliment each other. The pineapple is too juicy and it makes the pizza soggy.
Debate Round No. 1


If the flavours do not compliment each other, Why do so many people like hawiian pizza?

Personally i have never experianced a soggy pizza from adding a few pineapples, Cooking in my experiances absorbs the moisture leaving a perfect balance of sweet to contrast other flavours on the pizza.

I believe that a hawiian pizza without pineapple is stale and boring, Theres no excitement of yay i got a pineapple, As your mouth lights up with sweat sensations.
Most pizza flavours rely on a sauce, Cheese or olives to present a rermemberable flavour, Pineapple achieves that for hawiian pizzas


Pineapple is considered a berry why on earth would you want a berry pizza. Pineapple is sweet and almost like a desert, The opposite of a pizza. Around 12% of people like hawiian pizza so I would not consider that many people.
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Posted by abcd123456 3 months ago
4 me personally, Pineapple on pizza is horrible but well datz my opinion 4 others itz gr8
Posted by PinkWolvz 5 months ago
I love pineapple on pizza! It just tastes so good and goes so well with the cheese, Sauce and ham d84;A039; Who doesn"t enjoy a good sweet and salty pizza?
Posted by Ipersumah-Lopterne 5 months ago
pineapple pizza is great, The pineapple compliments the taste of the meat and cheese. Even though traditionally it wasn't on pizza, It tastes good, Put it on there!
Posted by stephrojasj 11 months ago
I agree that pineapple should be considered as just another ingredient. No one will force you to eat it. Besides, I'm sure that 100% of pizzas can have more than 2 flavors, So if a person eats pineapple and you don't, Just eat your half and be done with it.
Posted by Monica-Nu 1 year ago
Pineapple doesn't match at all with the pizza I'm very classic with pizza flavors, Although many people are tasting it and they can believe the delicious flavor of these two together.
Posted by Fazel 1 year ago
You can put whatever you want on a pizza, If you like it, Then it doesn't matter.
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