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poem battle(continued)

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Started: 6/11/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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it's fine, I ended up forfeiting a different debate because I had other stuff to do. You get to write the first one this time because I already wrote one on the other debate


Hello, Hello!

Thank you for inviting me to such a great poem battle!

I suppose I shall start off with a Haiku.

By noobdebatr123

Potatoes, yum yum!
Tastes yummy in my tummy,
Just like pie from mum!

Now, this one isn't so um, shall I say, too, strange, like my other poems.
Check them out, though! They are very good poems indeed.

Oh, and just a little note.
I think my next poem will be a Limerick.
Debate Round No. 1


well if you wrote a haiku, guess I better, too(hey, that rhymed)

just kidding(it translates to 5 7 5)

role-playing games
RPGs are dank
one of the classes is tank
but don't fret, there's more

i had to think of that in a short amount of time, don't judge too hard


I see you replied fairly quickly.

Your haiku is fine, for me it is hard to do haikus, mostly because of the limitations.

Anyway, like I said before, I was doing a limerick, so here goes.

Also, mine might not be the best, and I can't think of anything except for my well poem, so bear with me.

Boy in the well
By noobdebatr123

There once was a boy who was walking and fell,
Took a great plunge into a deep, deep, well,

"Oh, no!" the boy said,
"Hopefully I shan't be dead!"

The boy yelled until an old farmer pulled him out of the well!

Sorry, if its not perfect, I was trying to get this done quick.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm going to cheat a little bit here, and use a poem that I wrote for school, it's uh, kind of trash(in a good way)

Farting(I know)
There once was a boy named Noel
He used soap by dell
He would often fart
He farted with all of his heart
Till he farted too hard, and fell

I would like to apologize for this poem


Hello, sorry for replying late. Lots of stuff to do. Or maybe I just forgot.

Anyway, lets get on with our poem battle. Your poem, was, uh, okay, I guess.

Since I couldn't think of a certain poem type to do, I'll just make a random one.

Farmer Bob,
by noobdebatr123

There once was a farmer named bob,
He liked to eat Corn on the cob,
and then one day,
He turned into a green blob,
and no one knows why.
"Maybe he died?"
The doctor replied.

"Maybe he ate too much icecream."
Said Little Rob Greene.

But of course, Bob ate something weird.
Indeed, he ate a jolly, fat, horse.
The horse turned into a blob and mist,
maybe the horse was much too pissed,
because he got eaten by farmer bob.
Debate Round No. 3


you said a naughty word!!!

people use this as a swear
people say it when they eat a cold pear,
people say it instead of hell
Johnny probably screamed it when he fell in that well,
the sixth graders use it as a meme
it makes us 7ths want to scream,
I'm running out of things to say
heck heck heck heck heck
I'm bi not gay


A naughty word I said indeed,
Because I am not a civilized fellow.
When I pass by I say "hecc u" instead of hello.

You see, swearing is the best thing ever.
It allows us to say things when we are tickled by a wet feather,
And if we couldn't swear then we would say,
and that would make me not very gay*

And yes, lil' johnny did say that,
because hes a bad boy,
and his mother give him the stick of joy.

Sadly I must end this poem here,
as my brain is getting and is being clouded and not clear,
hear! hear! I must go home,
and end this gosh-darn poem,
because, well, I quit,
but I do look forward to your poem that must be lit!

*gay is used in the definition of happy, and carefree, rather than the homosexual term.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
Vote for me or I will make more shitty poemms.
Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
Looks like this poem battle is over...

See ya.
Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
Oh and it"s not supposed to be "the horse turned into blob and mist"
It"s supposrd to be "the horse turned bob into a blob and mist @
Posted by noobdebatr123 3 years ago
what do you mean i didnt like it?
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
@noobdebatr123 didn't seem to like my poem battle with him. Maybe you can check it out? If you're interested, I would find it to be fun to have a poem battle with you as well. Tell me what you think :D
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