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Police Profiling

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Started: 12/12/2007 Category: Politics
Updated: 14 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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How is police profiling - and by that I mean stopping, searching and sometimes even arresting someone based on no more than, say, their skin color - not a violation of our Constitutional rights????
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Posted by GODSPROPHET 5 months ago
Below this post lies some of the most dimwitted babble you'll ever read. Anyway the only point that needs to be made is that intuition should be trusted above all else, If they look like a criminal they are a criminal, Simple as.
Posted by WorfsTarg 9 months ago
Racial Profiling is a symptom of Socialism, Notably socialism is categorizing citizens into demographics and treating the whole, Rather than treating each citizen as their own case. It invariably happens with large population, And frankly nations have been doing it for some time now, We call it Representative Democracy, Which is actually from Spartan Oligarchy, Not Athens, Not that Athens was much of a democracy either, All of Greece was ruled by citizens of Athens, That is just another ruling class.

But I'll digress on all that. . .

The point is Socialism isn't a good thing, It's a mathematical thing, It's more efficient but too general to be a basis for justice, This is why despite the collective bargaining they want us to believe is democracy, We still have actual democracy, Which is your right to hire a personal lawyer to build, Present and defend your case as a democratic citizen, Not just some number in a category.

Racial Profiling is no doubt a failure of a society to treat its citizens fairly, Part of that is probably because America is becoming a unitary state, Away from the federation it used to be, Which means each state doesn't govern its population quite as it used to, Now America is one big population all thrown in together, And as I said, Socialism is applied to large populations, 330 million is a lot of people.
Posted by Eric.perez 1 year ago
Racial profiling is unnecessary
We all are human beings and we should treat each other with dignity and respect

One instance of ethnic profiling I read recently
Russians are not allowed in the U. S. Because the U. S. Is not issuing them visas any longer
This is fundamentally wrong

For the U. S. For years has been opened to all peoples of all heritages and suddenly discriminated Russians.

They forget that Russians also helped this nation in several ways

And now closing the doors it does not solve any issues. Actually it being more issues and misunderstandings.

Also hispanics should not been labeled as criminals nor rapists nor any of that neither.
There is many decent people.

Ukranians should not been viewed as scammers, For there is many people of goodwill also in Ukraine

Racial profiling brings social dischords and injustices.

Profiling by ideologies and faith I would understand

But races no this I fully do not understand.

For the declaration of independence says thst we all are made equal. . . .

Is a country built by immigrants

Racial profiling does not solve any issues.
Posted by Connington 1 year ago
I am in no way in favor of racial profiling, But it violating the constitution is a bit of a stretch. People refer to the 4th amendment in cases like this, Which protects against unlawful searches and seizures. However, In that very same amendment, In contains these extremely important words. ". . . But upon probable cause, . . . ". These words are very important in this debate. I"ll give an example. Say there is an armed robbery at a convenience store, Where the clerk was robbed at gunpoint. . The clerk describes the suspect as a young white black in a dark colored hoodie. The cops take that description, And drive around looking for anyone that fits it. If they see a young black guy in a dark colored hoodie in the area, They"re going to stop and search him, As he fits the description given. This is not a violation of the 4th amendment, As they had "probable cause".
Posted by David_Nichols 1 year ago
Racism is NORMAL. Whites think Blacks act strange.
Posted by David_Nichols 1 year ago
Profiling is common sense. People who look like lowlifes usually are.
Posted by DeletedUser 1 year ago
Most arrested happen to be of color. Children develop subconscious biases by age six, And racial profiling is jut that, A subconscious Bias. If we on"t all recognize that we are unavoidably a little racist, We are just ignoring this fact, And by ignoring it, We are allowing this to happen. So before you make a stupid decision like to pull over a black man in a Lamborghini, Ask yourself why and how they are breaking a law. "Being suspicious" is not enough. These statistics @Sourcebaker brought up are suspicious. A young woman offering a strange child Andy is suspicious. The fact that no Black person would ever criminalize their race like that is suspicious. You probably aren"t even entitled to use that word. Do you know to history? It was used to Dehumanize black people and say they were less than. It was send to kick them our of stores or schools. It was used to bully them and you saying that just shows how needy you are. Like in the Simpsons, If you"re cool, You don"t need to tell everyone people just know. You using that word is like that. If you really are above someone, You don"t need to spell I out like that. That"s the most uncool thing you can do. And. Please. Correct. Your. Spelling.
Posted by DebatingJay 2 years ago
Are you crazy? Even though there is a pattern among criminals, Who gave police officers the right to profile anybody? Second of all, Nigger is an offensive word, And by using that word openly to express your racist opinions, You're being racist and offensive. Third of all, Just because someone is black doesn't mean that they are going to commit a crime. Skin color is not a reflection of character or anyone's predicted actions. It is illogical to conclude that just because someone is black, That they are going to commit a crime. Fourth of all, "unbiased statistics? " So it was unbiased when police officers choked Eric Garner, An unarmed black man? So it was unbiased when George Zimmerman didn't go to jail even though he clearly racially profiled an unarmed black male by the name of Trayvon Martin?
Posted by SourceBaker 3 years ago
Because policeman know that teyhere is a pattern among criminals. Most of them happen to be niggers, So they are more likely to break a law. Thats called unbiased statistics.
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