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polygamy is the male's nature in human society

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Started: 3/30/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The goal of the male is to distribute his genetic patrimony to the biggest number of females in order to insure his posterity. He will therefore be naturally attracted to other females of his society. Moreover, pleasure with the same partner during a whole life becomes less and less enjoyable, as the female gets older and older and less and less attractive. The male will naturally go see otherplaces. The male is obviously the most powerful and dominant of the two genres, and therefore has the right to do what he desires, such as having sexual intercourses with other females. To conclude briefly, male's nature is indeed to have other sexuals partners. To finish, here is a french quote from rapper damso which illustrastes perfectly my saying "sucking is not cheating"


"Polygamy is the male's nature in human society".
Just what society are we talking about? Cavemen? You're limiting a human's potential to what its gender is. And speaking of gender, you misspelled it as "genre". Modern life isn't just a sex-driven eternity of pleasure, you absolute moron.
"Sucking is not cheating."
Damso's word, I regret to inform you, is not the word of god. And here's another quote, by you;
"The male is obviously the most powerful and dominant of the two genres, and therefore has the right to do what he desires..."
Good job, you sexist bigot, you've just killed about half of my brain cells. By making women inferior to men, that creates a second-class citizen, like not allowing same-sex people to marry.
Now, I don't want to utterly destroy you in the first round, and I kind of want to see what other abysmally stupid arguments you have, so that's it for now.
See you in Round Two! I hope you step on a Lego.
Debate Round No. 1


Dear "theantiweaboo" (what an interesting name I must say), I'm sorry I misspelled gender, as a non-native English speaker and a bilingual (french and english), I sometimes switch words from one language to another (genre is gender in French) and make small mistakes.
Anyway, I see in your answer, that you haven't suggested anything really except rebutting my arguments, so I am still waiting for some ideas and arguments (maybe a lack of imagination or inspiration). About my first argument, this is a very scientific point of view and is not arguable, as the goal of life is to ensure the posterity of your species. Indeed, one female might not be enough because a couple is not always compatible genetically and as a consequence another female is needed.
To answer on what you said about what society I was talking about, well human society as it is clearly exposed in the motion, but more precisely, in the 21th century. The majority of the population has more than one sexual partners (women also).
Moreover, you talk about "cavemen" in a rather pejorative way. May I remind you that they are our ancestors, which means: no cavemen, no humans in 21Th century.
You also make a parallel with same-sex marriage even though we are talking about polygamy and male/female relations. I hope some clearer explanations because I am not making the link.
To come back on male domination, you cannot deny the fact that male is stronger physically than female, even if I agree some there are some exceptions which prove the rule.
polygamy is male's nature in human society.

Sorry for being late answering I was away for the weekend.
I hope you don't step on a Lego because I am no hater (You kinda insulted me throughout your whole text, it's kinda rude, I didn't, I think it shows a weak mindset)


Oh, excuse me if I insulted you, moron, because you DEFINITELY aren't insulting the whole of the female gender.
And since when is physical strength the sole judgement of who is the superior species? By that argument, us humans are mere fish compared to a gorilla, or lion. And it doesn't matter that we wouldn't be here without cavemen, it's like comparing your 5-year old past self to the current you. And I'll clarify the same-sex marriage thing: if you have the male gender as a superior class, and give it more rights than the female gender, that creates a second-class citizen, much like not allowing LGBT people to marry. And while you call me out for only having rebuttals, I see no new arguments in your Round 2 section.
Finally, polygamy is unnecessary and unwanted in the modern world, because with the human's growing population, all we need is maybe 2 children per couple, that's it.

P.S. I take back my previous statement about a Lego.
I hope you step on a thumbtack.
See you in Round 3!
Debate Round No. 2


You're still being a hater though, you don't need that To win a debate. Anyway I never said I was going To put up new arguments and the point of rounds 2 and 3 is To developp the arguments exposed in round 1. As you can see that's what I did by coming up with some new exemples. I think you didn't understand what I said about physical sup´┐Żriority. I said male are stronger physically than female and I never talked about physical human superiority among spieces.
Then about polygamy is indeed not always needed but it sometimes can be beneficial to a couple. For exemple some couples are free and have other sexual partners but their relations still stay positive.
To answer about cavemen what I meant is that you're insulting and deteriorating them White they're the origin of human. Moreover it s a stereotype To say that they only thought about sex. They juste wanted their species To live. So what you are saying since the begining is "poudre de perlinpinpin" as our great french president Macron said
I hope you are going well and don't step on a lego or thumbstack whatever it is stay well.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Rebeccacarlson 3 years ago
Posted by Rebeccacarlson 3 years ago
That "hope you step on a lego" part just totally made my day. ;)
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