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ps4 is better then xbox one

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Started: 5/2/2016 Category: Games
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The PS4 is the smaller and sleeker of the two consoles, with an angular design in part-gloss, part-matt black plastic. It"s reasonably quiet in operation, though noise levels pick up when you"re playing games, and so far it"s proved as reliable as previous PlayStation consoles. There are two USB ports at the front, along with well-concealed, touch-sensitive power and disc eject buttons. At the back you"ll find the power socket, HDMI and Ethernet ports, an optical digital audio output plus an additional USB port for the PlayStation Camera accessory.
The Xbox One is larger and chunkier than the PS4, but it still fits in well into the average home entertainment setup. If anything it"s a little quieter than the PS4, and Microsoft seems to have fixed the reliability issues that plagued the early Xbox 360 consoles. Around the back you"ll find a bewildering array of ports, with two USB ports, Ethernet, an optical output and a specific port for Kinect, plys two HDMI sockets. One of these is an output for your TV, but the other is designed to take a signal from your Freeview/Freesat PVR or Virgin/Sky set-top-box. This sends the TV signal through your Xbox One, and allows you to choose programmes using the console"s OneGuide.
It"s internally that the key differences emerge. Both are based on the same AMD Jaguar processor technology found in its Temash and Kabini APUs. Both have eight CPU cores, with the Xbox One running at 1.75Ghz to the PS4"s 1.6GHz. Both also have AMD GPUs, but here things differ. Where the Xbox One"s GPU, derived from the Bonaire architecture found in the Radeon HD 7790, has 12 GCN compute units to play with, the PS4"s GPU, based on Pitcairn, has 18. Even given that the Xbox One"s GPU runs at 853MHz to 800MHz, that gives the PS4 a tangible advantage on the graphics front.
To make things harder for Microsoft, the PS4 can call on 8GB of 5500Mhz GDDR5 RAM, giving it a lot more memory bandwidth than the 2133MHz DDR3 the Xbox One relies on. Microsoft compensates by using a 32MB ESRAM cache to keep data flowing smoothly, but the PS4 hardware is " when all is said and done " that bit more powerful.
How much does this matter? Well, on the one hand we"re seeing key cross-platform games that either run at a full HD resolution on PS4 but at a slightly lower resolution on Xbox One, or simply run more smoothly with more visual effects on PS4. On the other hand, the differences aren"t always that noticeable when you"re actually playing the games rather than analysing them frame-by-frame, and the best Xbox One games are still pretty astonishing. The extra power is a key point in the PS4"s favour, but it"s not a deciding blow against Xbox One.
We should also note that neither console is significantly more powerful than a fairly basic, mid-range gaming PC. Generally speaking, the manufacturers and third party developers will do more to optimise their graphics engines and build in advanced features for the console platforms, keeping them delivering amazing-looking games in the long-term, but a games PC remains a powerful alternative, and a more flexible one in many respects.


I accept your challenge. I shall write my argument in a list format.


The PS4 has a lighter design, weighing in at only 6.09 lbs. On the other hand, the Xbox One has a bulkier and bigger design, clocking in at 7 lbs total. Many people have favored the PS4's sleeker and black design, hiding in the shadows of the shelf, and sitting stylishly on it's side or flat. Meanwhile, the Xbox One has received backlash because it takes up valuable space on the shelves, and because of it's inability to stand sideways in a vertical position, as Microsoft has advised people not to do so as it may destroy the internal hardware. The Xbox One has multiple vents on all sides, while the PS4 on the other hand hides many of its vents on the sides or the back. PS4 takes the win for this round!


The Xbox One may be the larger of the two, but bigger isn't always better. The Playstation 4 has been noted to have hardware that can run higher quality graphics than the Xbox One, putting the Xbox One to shame. Besides that, the Xbox One advertised not for gaming, but for other entertainment such as television. This feature completely drove the Xbox One off course, while PS4 kept it's cool and focused on the games. Upon launch, PS4 has received positive reviews for its simpler user interface reminiscent of the Xbox 360's user interface. The Xbox One on the other hand has received criticism for it's complicated user interface that left many players confused and overwhelmed. The PS4 strikes again, winning this round!


The retail price of an Xbox One started at a whopping $499 dollars, with no games and just the system with it's Kinect. (Oh, and there was no other option. You had to buy it with the Kinect.) This was eventually fixed when Microsoft dropped it's price down to $300, before bringing it up to $350. Meanwhile, the PS4 steadily stayed fixed on a single price: $399 dollars. Due to the Xbox One's price drop, many people started complaining that this was overly expensive, and so Sony dropped their prices to a permanent price of $300 per system, blasting the Xbox One out of the water. As for sales, the PS4 jumped ahead of the Xbox One and put a huge gap between the two, one that Xbox One is still trying to close. As of January, the PS4 was shy of 36 million sales worldwide, meanwhile the Xbox One was struggling at a measly 19 million sales worldwide. Another point goes to PS4!

To conclude, the PS4 wins in almost every aspect possible, and truly is a console that is worth it's price.
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Posted by LastSaga 2 years ago
They are both a black box that plays games. Just why..............
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