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raising federal taxes will be inevitable n be the most responsible thing to do

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Started: 8/14/2016 Category: Politics
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raising federal taxes will be inevitable and be the most responsible thing to do

the things that make up by far most of the budget are too hard to cut, and we shouldn't be cutting them too much anyway. social security, medicare, interest on the debt, defense, all make up over ninety percent of our budget. even if you wiped out the rest of the government, which would be the height off irresponsibility, you still couldn't even balance the budget, which is five hundred billion dollars. the budget is four trillion, simple math proves my point.

if you were to cut into defense majorly and cut the rest by say ten percent, you might be able to balance the budget. but within the next ten years the deficit will double, and there wouldn't be enough places to cut.

tax increases are inevitable and will be the most responsible thing to do.


Nothing is inevitable, Marxists say communism is inevitable, but it's not, nothing in life is inevitable except death, raising taxes is choice made by the government so it's not inevitable.
It is not responsible, responsibility would be not getting into debt and not spending excess money.
Here's how to lower spending and even lower taxes- Fully Privatize social security and health care, and make massive cuts to military spending, and cut unnessecary programs, and lower spending on nessecary ones. Then we can pay off our debt and have a balanced budget without raising taxes, wasn't very hard was it?
Debate Round No. 1


even if you privatize social security and medicare, you still have to pay for it for current retirees and those nearing retirement. that would mean spending can't go down at the moment, your plan would only work in the future. and that's not even arguing that it's irresponsible to think people can invest their own money or somehow they'll get affordable healthcare without the government being involved. it's would be immoral and irresponsible to not pay for current retirees and close ones thus proving my resolution.

it's easy to say cut unnecessary spending. it's another thing to show it in the numbers. the fact that you haven't shown any numbers makes me think you dont know much about the budget or spending.


Transfer it to private accounts, so it can go down right now. It is not immoral because the government is more corrupt than the private sector and the private sector almost always delivers the better product. I do not see how this is immoral or irresponsible, it's is simply a transfer of who's responsible. And social security and other things of the sort that the government provides with tax money shouldn't be mandatory, and this gives people the option to opt out.

You want numbers, fine, my numbers will be so good your numbers will start a new religion that worships my numbers-
Americas current debt-19 trillion by the end of 2016
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare(all things we can privatize)are responsible for 83% of the projected increase in spending over the next decade.
26.3 trillion-expected debt in 2026
Budget Deficit-In the trillions by at least 2022
And you think we can just raise taxes and the government can get 1 trillion dollars in taxes, no they can't.
Why not?
Because there are only 1.46trillion US dollars in existence( including bills that aren't $1, coins, and non physical money)
So if you just raised taxes to pay for your excessive spending no one would have any money after less than two years.
We need to cut spending and work on not having more money in debt than money that exists,

You didn't source your numbers I did-
Debate Round No. 2


even if you transfered the money to a private account, you won't have enough to pay for what was promised. that's because what people paid into it was spent long ago and the only way that's currently available is to have younger generations pay into it to make up for it. i get that we can switch the program to private citizens, but we still need a way to pay for current and near retirees. you're argument doesn't address this.

also, your number for how much we have in money at best is how much paper money is in circulation. stock companies have tens of trillions in people's wealth. the top one percent pays almost a trillion a year in taxes. the budget itself is four trillion an that is taking only a fraction of people's money in taxes. the point is there's plenty of money out there. in fact, after WWII the top rates in taxes were much higher than we have niow. that's because they understood that when you spend money, you have to pay for it somehow. and if you can't cut spending you have to increase taxes.

so basically you gave an idea that didn't make sense, and numbers that dont add up or reconcile with reality.


-were already so much in debt we can pay current retirees and thoose going to retire in the next 5 years, then everyone after that is transferred to private accounts and then can work on our debt
-I don care about after WW2, the government should tax no more that 25% on anyone beacuse anything above that is ridiculous
-ONLY A FRACTION OF THERE INCOME-varying from state to state the top 1% pay around $4 out of every $10 you and other "pay their fare share so we can get free stuff" people think the government is entitled to over half of some peoples earnings, which is absurd.
-I gave you an idea that made perfect sense, one number that is incorrect, a bunch of othe correct numbers that fully reconcile with reality
Debate Round No. 3
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