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rap battle

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Started: 3/21/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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round 1 is for acceptance
16 bars - 2 rounds of battle - no forfeits - may the best rhymer win - spell as you spit as long as it's discernable

bold words are stressed - hyphens are rests -
- - to get the flo and to also carry breaths


I accept this challenge.

Come at me , dawg.
Debate Round No. 1


italics are comments to pro not part of rhyme

(higher pitch is what I mean by stresses) freestyle written - so bars are not metered but flowed in my head to a beat
also please don't take my raunchiness literally - I have to qualify myself as a badd a$$ BH >(sound it out) actually this rap's not intended for you - I'm pissed at my man and need to vent. I'll rebutt your rap in round 3
bold words are stressed - hyphens are rests - to get the flo and to also carry breath
I'm ready to run this with puns and stop ya dumb sh!t -

my rhymez r my religon and and my mouth iz why you'll come quick

Im 46 - yeah I talk sh!t - the only way to beat me'z with ya hand on ya d!ck - -

my fix - my rhymez are so sick - only way to save us iz to - vote 4 kasich

I gotta pu$$y but I got ballz 2 - my ballz inside me tho right next 2 my womb

not inna nut sac that could be kicked off - minez so deep ya d!ck might get lost -

then get tossed - to the curb cuz I spit this frost -

so cold'll make ya lips gloss - lick ya lips before ya spit coffs.

Your lost - I'm boss - tongues my trigger b-cuz I'm pissed off

wishing I was younger and ya type but you can kiss off

Age ain't nuthin but a number I'm getting wiser while ya just gettin dumber -

- i always stay hot like the middle of the summer - bummer

- I had to step into ya game - now i'm gonna make it rain pain -

- when I knock on your brain, I staying for my claim not the fame -

but your content is so lame, mine is so hot like a flame

- that stays lit in the morning noon and night -

- ya may say I'm old but I still gotta lotta fight.


Damn son, that was wack as fu--, i dont know where to begin,
You like a lost cause, God cursed Cane, I'm the favorite kin,
So ur religion is a lie, -- ur raps is a lie, --
Has anyone ever seen a 46 year old rapper alive?

After tonight,-- neither will I, --
Take this fuckin bar i spit - right In yo eye

Wait this is still a part the - previous rhyme
Hate to use hyphens, but just kill me some time,
Space bar space bar space bar , im still fixing to find
This mark busta hiding , whether he likes it or not!
Debate Round No. 2


not my best rhyme - I'm still sleepy

time to get ya flow to flow - by learnin from a pro

spit ya sh!t - kritikd me for tha nowledge i already no

ima bout to sho - - why to slo ya flo

till ya grasp tha basics you can build on az you grow

See ya copped my technique - glad to help ya write ya rhyme

hypens help descibe the beat - hope ya give me props next time

we can dis but better yet - rather would collaborate

I just wanna stop the hate - also why I aspirate

talkin sh!t about my age - turn the page - you'll be there in a decade

but I break free from the cage - nevva let em steal my wage

earned it for the dues I paid - even shine within the shade

thats why I'm a renagade - overworked but underpaid

just woke up my mindz still sleep - writing this without my wit

spitin sh!t I'll nevva quit - cuz Im real not counterfit

even meters bore me - but you can't ignore me

I'm still just a shawty - tho I'm over forty



Its time to go to school, go n grab that lunch money,
My rhymes dont exist to fools who havent had to run from me,
A bully on the playground, ill be terrorizing kids,
So you wanna sue for what i say now, while u plagiarize my shyt.

Hate to break it to ya kid, im beyond your comprehension,
Look up what super natural means, you will long to seek perfection.
Honestly professing, my beliefs taught em lesson,
God is wisdom but she didnt listen tho the prophecies been written..

Behold, the time is coming, the man of the hour,
Pro must crazy to think she can stand against my power.
Laughin out loud at her, this class is almost over,
If u aint got skills, please stick to rapping in the shower...

my two cents, choose the best, whats it cost to you?
Vote for me, totally, give props when props is due
So the last bar , i save, for finishing this rhyne...
Until next time! Suckaz i aint hard to find.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by chipmonk 2 years ago
Noted. Thanks!

I know sometimes my flows are off becuase i dont rap em to a beat. I like to write out the words first, then modify syllables here and there to make it fit to track. But i lose melody that way many times.

But injust enjoy rhyming. The more syllables i rhyme the better i think. U should also consider what you r rhyming. You need to rhyme more than the last syllable. Unless u want to sound like run dmc.
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
Like I said I got your flo when you read it out loud. In print - the flo was hard to follow when reading silently I have a soundclick account - you should get one - or a soundcloud or Dat pif - you can download free beats and then spit on em if you have a mic and audacity. If you wanted me to help you write them like you flo em - I could listen to a rhyme and write it how its metered to the beat. I'd do this once - so you could see it as an example. The reason its important is cuz ppl who judge deb8's here - most don't spit. They have to be able to see the flo pattern - of they won't get it.

I used to freestyle - then write after developing a flo. I suck lately - cuz my computers not hooked to speakers and I feel like an idiot spitting with headphones on. I write much better after playing around on a beat.

copied and pasted from this site's FAQ's "When inputting a debate argument, click on the "Rich Text" link to the left of the Argument box to display text editing options." then you have options for italic, bold, or underline on the tool bar.
You can also change the text font and size - by clicking on font family or font size - if you are using "rich text"
Posted by chipmonk 2 years ago
LoL. Are you a female? Thought u were a guy...haha imagine my surprise when i first read your rhyme. I think you got a point about the hyphens. Hyphens are for rests bolding is for stress. How do you bold fonts on this site? I dont know.

Anyhow, i been writing my lyrics 16 years. My flows are less focused rhythm because i feel my rhymes dictate my rhythm alredy. Take a closer look at my bars. Im rhyming whole sentences. Sometimes rhyming inside sentences. And rhyming half the sentence with the beginning of the next. Just rhyming.
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
the reason that I challenged you - was so that I could spit that raunchy sh!t - to someone who wasn't young enough too be my offspring. when I was composing my rhyme against moon I was pissed at my man - and wanted to be able to post it - so I challenged you to a battle. I read one of your verses against moon - and I didn't catch the flo till I read it out loud to a beat. My hyphen and bold techniques could really help other people catch your flo. Also if your use bigger font - it helps when you wanna read it out loud. just sharing pointers cuz I love hip-hop and I think most people have a hard time catching someone's flow - without the hyphens and spacing unless it's perfectly metered - which isBORING.
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