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restrictions on alcohol for those who repeatedly abuse others and the related law.

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Started: 4/22/2018 Category: Health
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People who abuse alcohol and then subsequently abuse others or traffic laws should have their ability to procure, produce, posses and imbibe alcohol limited.

Attacking their livelihood by removing licenses, slapping them with harsh fines and even prison sentences may serve as a deterrent. But once they are under the influence many don"t care about the conquences of their actions. Why not simply remove the privilege to posses or buy alcohol for those who are repeat offenders? This would more directly address the problems

We in the state of Iowa in the US already have laws in place requiring ID when purchasing alcohol to keep young people from drinking because we believe it"s not good for them. Why not use the restrictions line of an ID or a icon on the front of the ID to indicate that the person holding this ID is not allowed to purchase alcohol.

This could be a limited sentence and in extreme cases could be a life time ban.

Ex-cons are not allowed to vote, have fire arms and list of things. Removing access to alcohol for those convicted of an alcohol related crime seems fair and helpful.

Well, how would we police this? Much the same way we police teens in regard to under age drinking. We stop them at the counters of stores and officers can request ID of those who are drinking and suspect. No big deal.

Granted it will be hard to police these offender who buys sugar and supplies and produces it in their closets. I don"t think we need to bother with those. Too hard. But let"s keep them from buying it in the stores.

I deal with alcoholics who are trying to quit on a daily basis. Most wish that there were laws like this on the books. Their lives run wonderfully when they are sober. But walking into a store with easy access to alcohol can so quickly ruin everything they have built and the lives of those around them.

Thanks for reading. Just wanting to get an outside view on the topic.


I think there shouldn't because some people do break the law by drinking and they do repeatedly do things to harm others but some people might have metal issues and turn to alcohol as an answer and may help them to get through it and will help them to decide what to do. Though in this case if it gets that far they need to seek medical attention but for them it is a lot harder.

I can see where you are coming from but most people do this either because they are down and feeling depressed etc..

But if they are feeling this then they should seek medical attention.
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