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Started: 8/19/2015 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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being entirely evil, like hypothetically 100 percent evil, there is no right thing i can do, i cant tell you an answer to a question you have, because logically that is the answer to your question

morality is guided by objective so even thou subjective still absolute, like 1+1

deadly poisonous mushroom=immoral to give to my kid
healthy apple=moral to give to my kid

killing is evil but a wrong can be a right at the right tme


But being evil is subjective. If I'm Hitler I'm evil to the Jews, but savior to the Nazis.
you cannot answer my question because it is imaginary. i never had a question therefor me having not a question is absolute.


it is subjective that i give a deadly poisonous mushroom because i can also give them a poisonous cantaloupe so that would mean it no longer is immoral?

killing being right at the right time is subjective because it something is not the right time, even though that also is subjective


it is absolute to kill, but it is subjective whether or not it is evil
Debate Round No. 1


math is subjective, is 1 stone and 1 stone not 2 stones?

if couldnt tell the answer to a question, even if you had 1


if you switch out the poisonous cantalope with a healthy apple is it then immoral?

math is absolute, math is guided by objective, or its like 1+1=3


math=objective because 1+1=2 not 3 therefore it is not subjective.


it is absolute that 1stone+1stone=2stone, it cannot be 3

immoral= subjective

it is immoral in your opinion but it is not mine. it could be moral for me to give a poisonous cantaloupe but that is subjective i could also hate apples, so that is immoral for me


earlier you said its subjective but now it is objective therefore what i said is correct because my statement is absolute
Debate Round No. 2


words and numbers are subjective, of the mind beyond light on my screen or sound i utter into the eather

math is absolute based on objective, is it right to take 1 apple, and 1 orange into my cart in the mall, if i intend to buy 2 fruits for the day? or wrong?

is right and wrong objective?

i agree evil dosnt exist in reality

is it right to give your kid the poisonous cantalope to keep it healthy? and what if you switch it out with the apple.. morality is absolute based on objective

if you somehow got Supermans powers over night and you tell me to shoot you in the chest with my rifle, is it then immoral for me to take aim, and pull the trigger?

math is subjective, guided by objective therfore absolute.. as a stone is not not a stone, it isnt 2, and it isnt 0

how could i do a false equation if math is objective?


word and numbers are objective because if you write them down they are absolute absolute=objective what i make of those words are subjective if i say that word sounds ugly that is subjective but the word itself is objective


there is no wrong or right

there is only the force

the math is right but what you intend is subjective i could also take 1 apple and 1 pineapple and it still would be right your intention is subjective.

the result of giving the poisonous cantaloupe is objective, but what i think will happen is subjective, therefore my morality is subjective i could think the poisonous cantaloupe is helpful but the real result is objective

whether or not it is immoral is subjective in my opinion it is immoral, but my friend Cassidy would disagree

the moon round which is objective, but if you think it is a rectangle would that mean it is subjective? the opinion is subjective not the moon in your case the answer is subjective but the correct math is objective
Debate Round No. 3


yes if you write them down they are objective, but IS goes to the source, simply like without everything there can be no source, so the source is everything..

are false equations true if you write them down then?

you said, right=subjective

is there no subjective?

intent is subjective not an object

the fruits are not subjective troll

you could think... but there is a reality to contrast, go ahead and eat a poisonous cantalope



it is true you wrote it down, but the content of the equation is could be false which is objective because math=objective

i never said there is no subjective i said what you think it right is subjective

yes i agree intent is subjective i said that already

the intent of you choosing your fruits are subjective choosing watermelon's is defined the right thing to do, only in your definition and your moral not in mine or cassidy's cassidy hates watermelons

reality=objective but my opinion on reality is subjective i can eat a poisonous cantaloupe because i have obamacare therefore i won't see it as immoral because obamacare will save me
Debate Round No. 4



information is nothing, not matter

thoughts are subjective.. if i bang a hammer against my finger instead of the nail i dont have to think about if i am hitting the wrong or right spot necessarily..

yes oppinions are subjective

wheather or not your oppinion is that you are superman and jump from a high rise Building while eating a poisonous cantaloupe has no bearing on the outcome of doing that


math=objective 1+1=2 not 3

information is something a book information contains words which is something therefore information doesn't = nothing

yes thoughts and opinions are subjective i already said this

it doesn't but my opinion is still subjective because opinion=subjective the outcome=absolute but both are different therfore my opinion is different from my outcome
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by The_American_Sniper 3 years ago
Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
the questions are mostly for contrast or clarifying my positon i dont expect you to necessarily answer them
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