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school sports benefit students

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Started: 7/27/2014 Category: Sports
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school sports help a student keep their grades up, someone argue against it please , no rude comments .


If you wish to provide definition or rules, please do so, but I would like to just point out a few things.

1. I have had personal experiences, where most students enrolled in school sports have lost most interest in strictly the academic aspect of school.

2. I, myself, have enrolled in school sports, and while I was, I also lost interest in academics. Speaking from personal experience, being on the football team, as well as TaeKwon Do outside of school, my main focus was on those two sports. The flow of oxygen helped me think better, although I enjoyed what I did so much that school academics became less important to me.

3. In general, most kids would say they don't like school to begin with. To have an opportunity to do something other than "school," (other than striclty the academics, math, scientc, etc.) would deter them from continuing their education.

Sports are usually more fun than academics, and kids these days are much more easily pushed into one direction, which in this case, or most cases for that matter, would be the thing they want to do: sports.

Once again, the flow of oxygen to the brain does help dramatically in thought processes and actually comitting to academics, but the individual has to want to do so, something most people, if given the option, would not.
Debate Round No. 1


i understand the point of view youre coming from, but , in most or all schools you have to have nothing lower than a C in all your classes in order to remain in the sport. the way i see it is it pushes the student to have better grades and keep them up for them to be able to stay in the sport.


You make sense, but...

I guess my main question would be what do you consider "keeping your grades up" means? Above a C, I'm assuming? In the schools here in Canada, we can join sports no matter what our grades are, as it gives the kids something to look forward to when they go to school, so in that sense, I agree with you. However, the point I'm arguing is that sports does not necessarily help us keep our grades up. Of course in the schools you refer to, if you could consider "keeping our grades up" to be 64% , then you would be right. However, I would not consider "keeping our grades up" to be anything lower than at least 80%.

Joining sports programs in school is primarily a way to get us all to want to be at school. it doesn't necessarily mean we are going to want to do better in classes, unless it is required that we have a certain letter grade to participate in the sport program. And not failing school is enough of an incentive to "keep our grades up," as that could also simply mean not failing in general.

In some cases, yes, sports that require the kids to have a "C" letter grade do encourage them to keep their grades at a C or more. But also, in probably more cases, the school does not require a certain letter grade to participate in sports. Physical activity is very important, and to not allow someone to participate in physical activity because they struggle in an academic subject is both unfair to the kid's learning, and physical fitness.

Wanting to go to school to participate in sports in most cases will not have an affect the person's academic level.

And if I haven't been clear before, I do want sports in schools, I just disagree that it benefits our academic skills, or gives us incentive to to better in classes such as math or science or English.
Debate Round No. 2


my school for example , lets you obviously do p.e . but you can join sports outside of school. to try out and be on the team with "good" grades. i agree with you in the sense that students in just physical eduction dont neccisarily keep their grades up. but what im trying to say is the kids on the school sports team do, and once the sport season theyre in is over , most students will hopefully continue to keep their grades up . and the students who didnt make the team will probably try more in school in hope that their grades can help them get into the team next time the season starts .


Well then that has nothing to do with the sport or physical activity itself, it has to do with that particular school. For the school to say "if you have good grades, you can join this sport" is a good reason to keep your grades up, I agree, but that isn't the same as saying "if you participate in this sport, you're more likely to try and get better grades." Those are two completely different ideas; one is a mandatory requirement implicated by your particular school, and the other is a choice or changed work ethic made by the student. And this argument is regarding (as it appears) whether or not a student will work harder to get better grades if he/she is part of a sport team - it has nothing to do with whether it's mandatory or not to have good grades to join the team. Because if it's mandatory to have good grades to do something you want to do, of course you will strive to get good grades. But that isn't the argument.

In schools that don't make good grades mandatory to join school sports teams, the kids who do join the teams will more likely not see a difference in their academic grades. Because when most people find something they enjoy, they will excel in that, but won't change anything else, and in fact, if they find something they enjoy more than something else, they will most likely start falling behind in the things they don't enjoy as much.

If the reason the students' grades are up is because their school says it's mandatory to join a sports team, then your original argument isn't necessarily the right one to be making. So in that sense, you're right, if schools make it mandatory to have good grades in order to join school sport teams, then yes, that school's students who want to be on the teams will try to get better grades. But that has to do with the school, because the ones without that in place, the students don't have any reason to have better grades due to the sport they're in.
Debate Round No. 3


Jazz922 forfeited this round.


Well, thanks for the discussion!
Debate Round No. 4
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