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school uniforms

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Started: 9/25/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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School uniforms are expensive to some middle and lower class citizens. They are not comfortable to children and can be hard for them to learn. Kids have the right to wear whatever they want, and what is comfortable form them to learn. Having kids all wear the same thing can make a harmful envirement for kids to learn. Every child is different in there own way.


First off, I guess this is a controversial issue so I'll do it. Bear in mind that this is my first time.


You say that school uniforms are expensive, you think non school uniforms are much cheaper? Finance regarding buying both school and non-school uniforms will always be a problem. Also, kids aren't the nicest nowadays; I know for a fact that the richer kids will bully the poorer kids for not wearing popular branded clothes. So by saying you want non-school uniform all the time, you're indirectly promoting bullying. You say and I quote "Having kids all wear the same thing can make a harmful envirement for kids to learn." It's actually the opposite As sad as it is to say, you can tell how a person is doing financially by what they wear; kids don't want their peers to know their parents may be having financial problems. If everyone is wearing the exact same thing, no one will find out about any of the problems they may have outside school. The idea of expressing yourself clothes-wise is ludicrous. When in school, that's not the way you should be expressing yourself; you SHOULD be expressing yourself with vast knowledge of the subjects you learn, playing well in sports.

Of course there's the fact it'll improve general appearances for the future but that's not a very strong argument so you can disregard that.

But now, here's the gruesome part:

What if there was a major accident and a kid was lost? How would you describe that kid? See, if they were wearing a designated uniform, it would be a lot easier to pin-point those who ever appeared in situations like that. And believe it or not, these things do happen often.

In conclusion, everyone wearing the same thing will prevent bullying, save lives and you don't need to express yourself via clothes.

I agree that non-school uniform days should happen every so often but not everyday; we don't need that at all.
Debate Round No. 1


On average a mid-class school uniform would be around $85. Plus an additional one. How can a child feel special and different if every other kid is wearing the same thing. It can very much effect the child social and learning environment.

And when you said that 'what if there was a major accident and a kid was lost? How would you identify him?' i completely agree with that statement. If a child is lost how easy will it be to identify one kid if hundreds of other kids are wearing the exactly same attire.

And you very much need to express yourself through clothing. Its a right and helps develop fundamental social skills.

In what way would you have the uneducated conclusion that it can prevent bullying. Explain.


First of all, you've totally disregarded the duration of my arguments which can only make me assume you have none and you're hoping for the best here.

Okay, if it's around "85 then that's you covered for the whole year, providing they've bought the correct size. It's not like you have to buy a brand new uniform every week. Since when is school a place for a child to feel special and different? This isn't heaven. School is a place for kids to LEARN and get an education. And as I said before, if kids wear non-school uniform everyday, it will distract the kids from learning because they'll be looking at what all their friends are wearing. And as I also said before, if non-school uniform is worn everyday, the higher class kids WILL bully the lower class kids because they're not wearing "branded clothes" I'm 14 years old; I've seen it with my own eyes.

You will be able to pin-point a child easier if they are wearing the exact same attire; say you're a teacher and an accident happened; a young man got lost; the police ask you "Hey, what was the child wearing?" You could easily reply "Oh, he's wearing school uniform" The police would look at the uniform and it'd totally narrow down the search. However, if they were in non-school uniform, said accident happened and the police asked you "Hey, what was that kid wearing" we all know you'd be like "Erm, it was like something blue maybe? Not too sure" Is that helping the police? NO.

Also, if you've already acknowledged that you agree with the statement, why is it you're trying to question said statement even though you've just said you've agreed with it. C-O-N-T-R-A-D-I-C-T-O-R. You know what that spells, right?

Yeah, you can express yourself through clothing, but OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. At school, the way you're supposed to express yourself is by excelling at the subjects you do.

As said above and in the previous argument, kids who can afford the branded clothes will bully those who can't afford them. Wearing the same attire means no one will ever know if you have branded clothes or not, therefore preventing bullying.

Also, the kids represent the school. Them walking around in non-school uniform isn't exactly doing that, is it?

For Round 3, I want you to respond to ALL my arguments this time, not just one or two that you could barely think of responses for.
Debate Round No. 2


The-patriot forfeited this round.


You've forfeited the round so I'll assume you have nothing more to say; this argument is done.
Debate Round No. 3


My internet crashed; i hope my withdrawl doesnt make u shed to many tears.


Don't act like you were dominating that battle. Because, frankly you weren't. The whole "shed too many tears" thing is plain pathetic.
Debate Round No. 4


The-patriot forfeited this round.


This is over.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by AsiaMuna 5 years ago
Concerning this theme, I think that children shouldn't wear school uniforms, but every school should have its own dresscode. Because school uniforms have negative effect on children. Firstly, external uniformity kills in children their creativity and development of individualism, furthermore it prevents to develop their own style because posssibility to experiment is limitted. Secondly, it is hard to some parents provide not only children's school uniforms, but their casual clothes. And it can affect in negative way to parents' purse. Thirdly, if pupil need to go somewhere after school, he has to go this place in school uniform which isn't comfortable, or he has to take replacement set of clothes with himself and to change clothes somewhere, or he has to come back home additionaly if it's possible. To sum it up, I summon all people to cancel the school uniforms and to develop dresscode in schools.
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