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school uniforms

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Started: 5/20/2015 Category: Education
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Linne Hoofnagle once said, “We live in a dynamic society, full of unique characters that make our world a spontaneous one.” School uniforms violate students’ right to express their individuality. Cutting off their way to express themselves at a young age only suppresses creativity.

Where did we get the idea that bullying and stereotypes would somehow disappear if we put strict uniforms into effect? People will not stop bullying each other based on appearance, which manifests in ways other than clothing. Teachers assume that if everyone wears the same thing, no one can make fun of what you wear. Although that may be true in some cases, but like I said, clothing isn’t the only thing that adds fuel to the fire of bullying.



I accept your debate and look forward to our arguments. I will assume we are speaking about the United States public education system since that is not defined.

I believe uniforms would be greatly beneficial to United States education public system if they were implemented. Con claims that “School uniforms violate students’ right to express their individuality. Cutting off their way to express themselves at a young age only suppresses creativity.” There many better ways to express yourself. School is supposed to be a place of learning and education. An important lesson you should learn is how to express yourself intellectually which I believe is basic and vital. I find that much more important than expressing yourself in appearance which is shallow and unimportant. Learning to work with your colleagues (classmates who all wear the same uniform) on an intellectual level free of bias based on appearance and counter-productive social groups is a truly valuable lesson. Self-expression done through personality is far more important than through appearance.

As Con suggests, students wearing their own sets of clothes encourage the making of social groups and stereotypes that can be picked out based on their appearance. This can create unnecessary social groups that can either be bullies or the bullied based almost solely or at least partially on appearance. I believe this is simply unnecessary and can be avoided. I would like to make it clear that I am not against social grouping as it is often good as well as inevitable, but the counter-productive aspects such as bullies and excessively vulnerable groups should be remedied.

Uniforms bring with them a mindset. When you are at school you are there to learn, get along with your fellow students, respect the teacher and focus on the coursework. School uniforms promote all of the above. They require the students to wear same clothes to school to create a camaraderie among all classmates to remove the distraction of unique clothing which also removes instant judgement. They can wear whatever they want outside of school, but they are to be in the school mindset when at school and wearing a constant uniform maintains that mindset. [3]

The proven fact is that uniforms have had a measurable impact at schools that switched to uniforms. The numbers are quite significant. A school system at Long Beach in California experienced the following statistics:

  • - Fights dropped 51%
  • - Sex offenses dropped 74%
  • - Weapons offenses dropped 50%
  • - Assault and battery offenses dropped 34%
  • - Vandalism dropped 18%
  • - Only about 1% of student chose not to wear the uniform

The U.S. Department of Education has openly stated their approval of uniforms acknowledging the benefits over the drawbacks. The use of school uniforms is increasing in popularity across the country. [1]

According to a study done the University of Nevada, school uniforms increase student confidence and self-esteem, increases safety, decreases gang activity and the need for disciplinary action. Uniforms also don’t take long to work. Police records show a 63% reduction in crime done by minors from the schools that implemented the uniforms. [2]

The study showed extensive improvement in vulnerable minority groups who generally have poorer school performance and morale. According to a survey done in the study, Hispanic children responded very positively to the uniform policy with over half answering “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” to the questions: [2]

  • - “I still have my identity when I wear a uniform”
  • - “My family likes that I wear a uniform to school”
  • - “I think uniforms save money on clothes”

A University of Houston study found that school uniforms increase grades while reducing student absences and disciplinary problems. The study found that middle and high schools that adopted uniforms had “bolstered attendance, academics and behavior”. The schools also showed consistent improvement test scores from that point forward. The study analyzed records from 1996-2006 for much of its data as well as statements from the schools’ faculty. [4]

Works Cited:





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Posted by Dishoungh 3 years ago
Uniformity contradicts diversity and creativity, even though our school systems are already killing creativity in itself. I really don't understand why we need to wear uniforms. It just completely destroys the idea of a diverse community and being different. There are a ton of reasons to not do uniforms.

1. Uniforms can be used as a cheap way for the school to make money if the school charges money to buy uniforms.

2. Like I said, uniforms contradicts being creative. Creativity requires for people to be different. Our schools already condition our students to not be inventive. Uniforms make it worse.

3. It sort of violates the First Amendment in a way. Our constitution says that citizens have the right to express themselves freely. Wearing uniforms contradicts that.

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