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school uniforms

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Started: 4/10/2016 Category: Education
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School uniforms are not good, because they take Way our individuality


Firstly, Thank you for letting me debate this issue with you. I percieve that I am arguing in favor of a school uniform, and will do so. I concede that uniforms do take away from the individuality that someone can express, but Con has not shown why this is so important. I will base my argument on the divisions that arise from a lack of uniforms.

The lack of uniform causes students to divide themselves into groups and cliques amongst themsleves which isolates some people from others. For example, rich people are able to wear more ostentatious garments, which the poor cannot afford and hence is a point for the children to discriminate. Another instance is when school athletes have their uniform and the jersey which apparently gives them a higher social status as they recieve more attention. Considered from an educational perspective, since we are talking about school, what place does wealth or physique have to do with one's ability to learn?

That is why I propose to enforce school uniforms as it prevents students from discriminating each other on the basis of such, with such trivial matters that do not involve the educational purpose of school. Yes, individuality is being sacrificed, but I can simplify your voting to this one question:

Are the potential lives of the poor,nerd or other social outcasts that are being saved is worth more than the individuallity sacrificed?

If yes vote Pro, else your position lies with Con.
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