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self-defense laws and hate crimes in Ohio

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Started: 8/7/2014 Category: Politics
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vote for self-defense laws.
vote for laws to consider it a hate crime when you kill someone gay.
Human Rights all the way!


In Ohio, self-defense laws have already been established such as "stand your ground". There is no reason to vote for an increase in self defense laws when people can already defend their home. It will only allow the risk for further harm to individuals who may or may not have done anything wrong.

Killing someone is already murder, with various degrees. Hate crime violations for premeditated or meditated murderer of a gay person would be almost poinless in sentence length and hard to prove. "Did the person kill the person because they wanted money, or because he was gay, or because they got in a fist fight".

It does not promote human rights to increase already strong enough self defense laws and add more charges on top of a murder charge, of which would be hard to prove.
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FF by Pro
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