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setting a goal is necessary

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Started: 8/31/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I don't really understand this very clearly but just that I wanted to understand how a brain with a goal functions and I'm confident that i can question your argument.


Okay, So this is my first debate, Let's see how this goes. . .
Setting a goal is necessary. It is our plan for the future and everything we will do is motivated by that goal. It is a clear picture of what we want to achieve in life and we will do what it takes to reach that goal. Having no goal is like walking without knowing where you are actually going to.
Debate Round No. 1


okay. So if you say you're planning for the future, Are you devising a full proof plan how to achieve what you've decided and what kind of obstacles can and will be there. (emphasis on obstacles, Can you fully predict what kind of obstacles will be there. I doubt that but in case you do are you sure you're capable enough to handle every possible obstacle)
secondly, If you've set your eye on something wouldn't it make you less observant to everything happening around andmaybe finding something of a magnitude which you've never experienced
and if you're saying about a life which you want to lay for yourself and WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, I believe you understand what that means and if you are, I mean that really must be something worth achieving


Having a goal doesn't mean having a fool proof plan. (I'm assuming you meant fool proof not full proof. ) It's just your main target. Like education. When you reach college, You are suppose to choose a course that will prepare you for the future.
For example, You decided to become a doctor. So you choose Medicine. Everything that you will study is going to contribute towards that main goal. It's not foolproof, And there are sure going to be obstacles, Even after you become a doctor. But does that mean you should not have a goal instead? Nothing is foolproof, But it is better to be prepared.
Another example is when we try to protect ourselves against burglars by locking our doors, Installing CCTVs, Alarms, Etc. In this example, Our goal is to protect ourselves against burglars. These aren't 100% foolproof, But it helps. Would you rather just leave you door unlocked at night?
Having a goal doesn't mean that it will make us less observant to everything else. It's a goal, Not an obsession. Like a game, There is the main quest and other side quests that you can complete. These sidequests are optional, But we still do them. We still get to choose what we will do. In the end, We only progress the game when we finish our main goal. I guess the best example for this is Fallout 3 or 4. (I'm not really sure, Since I haven't played those games, But I've watched playthroughs. )
Now, Willing to do anything it takes? I think that would go into the "end justifies the means" philosophy. Of course, We will try to anything we can to complete our goal, But within a limit. Let's say, A school test. I'm sure you would like to get perfect, So you will prepare for the test by studying. But, If you were really willing to do WHATEVER it takes, You might cheat during the test. In that case, For me, It's no longer a goal anymore, But it would be an obsession. You would be obsessed with getting perfect at that point, To the point of doing anything, Like cheating. Another example is this debate. Of course, We are both trying to win this argument, But when one of us starts to defame the other, Or starts acting like a sore loser, I believe that we are no longer having the goal of winning, But having the obsession of winning. That is all.
Good luck on this debate. I guess this is both our first debate, So whoever wins, We should respect the choice. Please remember that everything said here is just my opinion.
Debate Round No. 2


now I have some questions and let me clarify a few things before i move on.
Goal- is something you've decided to achieve. By decided i mean that you've given it a thought and it has made an impact on you and by deciding to achieve something that reinforces your reason to be there. (not an insecurity, There's a difference not many can make). Now that i've given it a thought it totally depends on the mentality of the person. This definition can be subjective.
simply put, Why am i here. ?
I am-was socially awkward and to blend in I do-did opt for things that made me less noticeable and more confident (insecurity) but overtime I've been thinking and realized what I really want.
For me to come here is to learn all I can because life is really big and I want to think and explore and there's nothing for me like winning here, By learn I mean - think more radical
if a goal is my main target why would I do something else. And if would then how would it make the goal the main target. ?
explain goal. ?
you said goal is winning. ? Elaborate more on that (the test example)
you choose medicine if you want to become a doctor
i am asking did you think why do want to become a doctor. ?
closing statement: a goal can be something abstract not something short lived
can you exemplify with some examples whether you've set a particular materialistic goal and how that worked out for you(not necessarily here, Text me if you'd like)


Well, Since it's already late here, I'll just answer your questions.

"if a goal is my main target why would I do something else. And if would then how would it make the goal the main target. ?
explain goal. ? "

That's what you asked. Okay, Back to my game example. There is the main quest and side quest. More often than not, The side quests don't really affect the game or your main quest. But why do players do side quests anyway? Because it makes the game more fun, Challenging, And interesting. That's just like in real life. Of course, Working all the time to complete your goal would not be nice, So that's probably why you want to do else. Like you want to be the first in your class. Studying all the time is what you are most likely to do, But you would also like to have fun in a while, Too. How would it make the goal the main target? Well, Doing those thing won't really affect the goal. It's up to you whether or not you want to continue pursuing that goal. Explain goal? Well, I think you already explained it clearly enough. Something you have decided to achieve several reasons.

"you said goal is winning. ? Elaborate more on that (the test example)"

Ah, Yes, The test example. Of course, There would be several reasons for you to try and get perfect on the test. You might want to get on the honor list, Make your parents proud, Etc. As for cheating on the test, That would mean you are obsessed on getting perfect on the test. You want nothing else but that, Even committing a crime just to achieve it.

"you choose medicine if you want to become a doctor
i am asking did you think why do want to become a doctor. ? "

Okay, So just so you know, I personally do not want to be a doctor. But if the person wanted to become a doctor, They would have thought about it. They could have chosen to be a doctor to help people, To cure people, Or just to have a prestigious degree so people would respect him. It's a lifelong decision, So you should think long and hard and stick with it.

"can you exemplify with some examples whether you've set a particular materialistic goal and how that worked out for you(not necessarily here, Text me if you'd like)"

Well, I was born in a middle class family, But it was still hard for us to get by. I always dreamed of getting rich also, So I could at least be better off than now, And also help my family. Well, I tried to do sell things at my school, Sold gulaman (if you don't know what that is, Search it on Google. ) saved all my money from a P3 allowance (I don't know if it's my Chinese blood, But I saved every single peso I got. Also, I live in the Philippines. ) everything I can. Now, Even though I'm still in high school, I have around P100 000 (or around 1850 USD, Which isn't that much in the US, But it's still a lot here. ) P50 000 in stocks, P35 000 in a crowdfunding, And P15 000 in savings in the bank. I still haven't achieved my goal though, But good progress.

Oh, And if you don't know, I sent you a friend request. If you want, You can accept it and we could talk every once in a while. Anything you want to talk about, I'm open. Anyways, I got to sleep now, So, Good night, Mate. :)

Also, Good luck, May the best debator win. :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
Not having a goal is "necsesary". . It always leaves you with an alternative. .
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