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should PUBG sue FORTNITE

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think fortnite shouldnt be sued because its not even close to being what the trash game pubg is. First off,
1) fornite has save the world
2) there is no riding cars around the map
3) its animated
4) there zombies
5) there are game modes
6) there is a battle pass
7) did u see the ending for season 3 thats go into season 4... yea go check that out too ( there's a trailer for the season 4.
8) there are traps, sheild potions, mini shield, medkits, bandages and launchpads


I think that although many people like fortnite because it is free it still is taking the attention away from PUBG. Pubg was doing well with their market until fortnite came and took away their money with in-app purchases. I would get PUBG if it was worth the money but it is dying thanks to fortnite so I will stick to the bad mobile version
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Still fortnite is nothing alike pubg and they shouldnt sue them/ what about NBA 2K18 AND nba LIVE 18 and nba live 18 is getitng more attention cause its more realistic adn has better options then 2k18 but still 2k18 is humble and didnt sue? Am i right?
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