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should abortion be illegal?

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that abortion shouldn't be legal because a baby should not be punished for a persons ignorance because they did not use a condom. Now i believe that if a person is raped and doesn't want a child then they have the right to kill the child only if the child is one to two months old. And if you still do not want the child and do not want to put it through the system then yes, you may abort the baby but only if the baby is one to two months old after that you MUST not be able to kill the child. If you do kill the child after two months then you should be fined.


Abortion should be legal for several reasons, the first being it is a woman’s right to choose for themselves, not for others to choose for you. In fact, the majority of Americans support abortion (1). The decision for abortion is not one that should be for another person, being mostly founded in personal and religious beliefs. Additionally, a fetus does not have significant brain development until the third trimester, and before then their brain does not even look like an adult’s (2). Even if abortion is outlawed, then those who do not want a child will be forced to resort to other, less safe methods. Even if the person does not use contraception, which has prevented an estimated 385,800 unwanted teen pregnancies, it is still their choice to make, and an important one to make based on their financial and relationship status. A lot of teen pregnancy is not due to bad decisions but abstinence-only programs, where in states that have programs that teach contraceptives instead of abstinence, the birth rate is 58.78 per 1000 teenage girls, but in states with abstinence-only that number is 73.24 per thousand, showing the huge difference when teenagers are taught about and have access to contraceptives. If more states taught about contraceptives, there would be less need for abortions (3).
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Posted by vonteboy454 2 years ago
So far I am leaning towards legalizing it.
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