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should abortion be legal yes or no (no)

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: People
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No, I do not think abortion should be legal. Abortion is not right because the child that is forming inside the mother's womb is not just a clump of cells its an actual human being! Yes, there is women's rights but it just goes too far such as abortion and other things. It is actually proved that 90/100% women who want to do abortion, but see the baby through the ultra sound decide against their abortion plan. Finally, if you don't want a child don't have sex or if you do get pregnant give up the baby for adoption after it is born so it may have a good life with someone who will actually care for them.


Access to an abortion should be legal for these reasons. First, access to abortion is a part of American history. It wasn't until the 1900's that abortion was illegal in every state, and even then it was still permissible in certain circumstances. Thus women have had access to legal abortions longer than they have been barred from it. Second, abortion should be legal because it safeguards women. Making abortion illegal won't prevent abortion it will prevent safe abortions-- to the risk of women.

The truth is that women facing poverty, abuse, or simple lack of preparation will seek abortions if they want them. Outlawing abortion would result in a return to back ally treatments, rusty coathangers, and harm to the most at risk and in need women.

Finally, abortion should be legal because women have a right to self-determinism. By outlawing abortion we are saying that women are subject men's procreative whim. It supposes that women should be in bondage until they deliver a man's offspring. In essence, we would be arguing that woman lose their agency and autonomy, their very humanity when they become pregnant-- be it through rape, incest, abuse etc.
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Posted by mikeconners 3 years ago
i think in this debate you should first spell out if abortion is completely illegal, or if there should be certain cases where its legal (such as the rape argument)
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