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should bullying be brought back?

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Started: 1/25/2019 Category: Education
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We need bullying to stop kids from thinking its okay to do fortnite dances in public and in the middle of school.


Resolved: Should Bullying be Brought Back?
Contention 1: It never left. It just took on a different form.
Bullying never left schools. Yes it may have been lowered but it never left. If bullying had left then we wouldn't have as many suicides in our school, Or school shooters. The problem is in the parents which brings me to my second contention.

Contention 2: The problem is in how we parent the child.
Now as I agree that children should stop thinking its okay to do fortnite dances in public and in the middle of school. I complete agree. But the problem is in the parents.
https://singlemotherguide. Com/single-mother-statistics/
If I child does not have a father and the mother is busy working two or sometimes three jobs to support the child and her then she doesn't have as much time as she should to spend with the child. "Today 1 in 4 children are being raised without a father. " I would say that's the fathers fault (I being a male am very displeased with what is happening in the world today. )
So in turn the child goes and finds ways to unplug from the world. Most kids use fortnite now but it will change. Once they plug in it's hard to unplug them from that game. The game becomes there life. They want to be in the game as much as possible and remind people that they play the game. So with all of the people doing fortnite dances we can just assume that most of them play and are wanting to get back to the game. If we had both parents in the household then we might not need two or three jobs per parent. Normally one job is just fine for both parents. With one job on both parents there's enough money running in and the child has more one on one time with the parents, Shaping them into a good human being how knows how to survive in life and not make a fool of themselves by dancing in public doing stupid dance moves. Thank you

I still completely agree with you that kids shouldn't be doing there annoying fortnite dances in public or in school, But the solution is not bullying it's in the parenting.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
You seem to think that it is right to physically and emotionally abuse those who do Fortnite dances, But that is based only on your dislike of Fortnite dances. If bullies were a just system, Only bullying those who do wrong things, (not Fortnite dances) then we would have a real debate topic. As it is, I seriously hope this is a troll.
And before you make any other half-baked assumptions, I have never played Fortnite, Flossed, Or done any other Fortnite dances. I do not like them either. But it is wrong to justify your claims based on opinions.
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