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should censorship be in school's?

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Started: 9/21/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Students should be able to read whatever they like. If one parent comes in and takes a book of the shelf in the school libraries, what would the other parents think and say and the other students would complain.


Schools can go over board with censorship, that much is true. However, some degree of minor censorship is necessary for students when in building, for instance a school should not stock porn.

censorship doesn't just apply to text either, censorship can happen in all form of expression. Should students be allowed to curse out teachers? Should teachers be allowed to curse out students at that? Should a student be allowed to threaten someone on school ground without punishment? Should a teacher be allowed to come in and post random text all over the walls and ceilings as spam?

Even with school computers, without some degree of censorship a student could come in and download the real meme virus onto every computer.

Should a parent be able to come in and remove a book permanently? No, but censorship has to do with a lot more than that.
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