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should cyberbullying be taken seriously

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Started: 1/22/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Cyber bullying should not be taken seriously because its not worth the energy. bullying someone over the internet is not bullying. Bullying is when someone beats the snot out of you and stealing your money while shoving you in a locker. Not someone who types into some computer miles from you saying "U R DUM LOL". Think of all the people with no friends, family, or anything and they still fight and live to they're very last breath to stay alive. Think of all the teenagers in a place like Africa who don't have basic human needs. they don't have clean water or food. Just think, their biggest problem is whether or not they might eat or drink today. Our biggest problem is if someone is going to call us a mean name on facebook. just compare these two sentences. "Oh I sure hope no one calls me a dumb dumb stupid head in a text message, that would surely ruin my day!" or
"Oh I sure hope I get some food and water today, maybe this time it wont have fish poo in it, that would sure make my day!"
Yet you dare to sit down in your $50 chair and type into your $500 computer complaining about your first world problems. all these cyber bully websites just make me sick.


"Cyber bullying should not be taken seriously because its not worth the energy" - Affirming teams leading statement, something I have pondered and questioned as to why you would make your leading statement something that shuns your case.
Ladies and gentlemen, is it not worth the energy to save someones life, is it not worth the energy to prevent someone from depression, is it not worth the energy to stop someone from taking there own life, because ladies and gentlemen cyber bullying all leads to these above claims and if we forth come this proposed moot of cyber bullying being disregarded as an "important" issue, then lives on this planet will be ruin, and soon enough everyone will think it is OK to bully.

So far in the affirming teams case I have struggled to find any reasons as to why not worrying about cyber bullying is going to help the world, I can only think of all the problems it will cause down the line with anxiety, people thinking bullying is OK, suicide, depression, because ladies and gentlemen as you should all know as witnesses of cyber bulling it is defiantly not as the affirming team has proposed. It is cruel, saddening, and depressing. In your next statement I would love you to please try and persuade me some reasons as to how forgetting about cyber bullying would create some positive outcomes in this world.

Ladies and gentlemen as my first point I will outline as to why Cyber bullying is really a combined version of both physical and emotional bullying. Cyber bulling involves emotional bullying because the negative comments and threats become very mentally alarming. Cyber bullying is also physical bullying because the emotional behaviour can lead to physical harm to ones self and also threats can lead to real life meet ups for fights etc therefor cyber bullying does both contain emotional and physical bullying.

Therefor I challenge the affirming team strongly to try and lift there case back up above mine, because ladies and gentlemen I just proved to you that cyber bullying is a version of both physical and emotional bullying and guess what, the affirming team disagrees with physical bullying by stating " Bullying is when someone beats the snot out of you and stealing your money while shoving you in a locker". This was clearly a reference to them having personal issues to do with physical bullying (which I would like you to disregard as a point from your cases) and wanting to acknowledge it needs to be stopped. This is where I got confused because if the affirming say they don't care about cyber bullying but they care about physical, where are they leading, because cyber bullying involves physical bullying???? Their case is just one big contradiction.

Furthermore I struggle to find any sense of sympathy for your cruel mind, only trying to disregard an issue you personally don't feel any remorse about, your stereotypical thinking of what cyber bullying really is, how stupid of you.
I challenge you to find some way on this earth to persuade your case into my favour because so far you haven't done so at all, only made me hate you case even more, and if you struggle to make myself, 1 single human being on this world be persuaded to your case how will you persuade the world?
Debate Round No. 1


There are quite a few questions i have for you seeing that we both have opposite views on the subject.
But first i would like to make some things clear.
1. You make a good point therefore for this rebuttal i will not bring in any examples. It will all be fact and logic
2. I will not make any personal attacks against you and not because i believe i am above you but simply to make my point stronger. Which towards the end of your argument you did simply make some guesses at my person when you could have made your argument stronger.
3. I want you to know that i am willing to admit defeat if you make a response that i simply have no answer for.
I will now begin dissecting parts of your argument.
First, how does my beginning statement shun my case. Because my case is people are way too sensitive and that there are worse things in the world than cyberbullying.
Second, when you mention its not worth the energy to save someone from depression, yes it is worth it if they actually have a good reason to be depressed. Because people should not be depressed from insults. the second part, is it worth the energy to save someone from suicide, no, its not, its they're choice to kill themselves. It is instinctually programmed into almost every living thing to keep itself alive. So the people who commit suicide are going against they're instincts and for what? Because they're not strong enough to handle a few insults?
Third when you talk about disregarding cyberbullying as an issue and people eventually thinking its okay to bully. First no, cyberbullying is not an important issue because taking an insult is not an important issue. That is called a get over it and move on. Second people would not think that its okay to bully. It would be the exact opposite because people will know that nobody cares there would be less bullying and more people getting over petty insults.
4. I dont understand how you dont find any reasons for why cyberbullying dosent matter. my primary point is, there are worse things in the world than cyberbullying. I thought i made that very clear, i gave at least 3-4 examples.
5. You mention what will happen "down the line" have you ever thought that "down the line" people will realize how petty cyberbullying really is? say cyberbullying is not what i propose. Yet, you have not showed me that cyberbullying is any different than what i think. Another thing that i thought was very clear was that cyberbullying is nothing but dumb cause and even dumber effect. Which i truly dont feel the need to elaborate on.
7. You make a good point, we should not totally ignore cyberbullying. We should make it so that people realize how stupid and petty cyberbullying really is.
8. You say that cyberbullying is mentally alarming, to the weak. Yes i said it some people in this world are simply weak and there is no way around it. Whether its their fault or not there will always be weak people.
9. You mention how the online bullying can lead to real fights. Most news articles that I've read ( yes i have actually read some cyberbullying articles) do not mention anything about physical violence. Find me 3 articles where cyberbullying lead to physical bullying but until then, i dont care.
10. So me pointing out what actually happens in life is proof of my personal issues? Why would i disregard it from my argument? As i said before the whole statement was about how there are much more important issues in the world.
11. Finally your end paragraph where you mostly guess at the type of person i am and insult me. But there is one point you made. About my stereotypical thinking of what cyberbullying is. Once again you have not showed me that cyberbullying is anything more than what i think it is, a bunch of wimps complaining about people calling them mean names. That is simply not how a debate works, you cant point to a problem and complain about it without giving a solution. And by the way with the insults. This is a debate not a youtube comments section.
You say that im a cruel person but im simply giving information that i have seen. And i have not seen or heard from anything involving cyberbullying that has made me think "wow, what a sad and depressing cyberbullying article"
You continue to defend people who commit suicide, why? Its they're choice its none of our business if they get stupid and decide to kill themselves. Because i dont understand how someone could kill themselves like that, are they going to die from getting called mean names? Because suicide only comes down to 2 things
1. Are you going to die or suffer?
2. How long will the suffering last
Because with cyberbullying is a person miles from you saying mean things. So how long will it be before these idiots get over it. But i came up with the perfect solution. Are you ready? Its very complicated..... Dont go to that website anymore. Really because those are your 2 choices. Leave that site or toughen up and get over it. And those of you who read this will probably think that im some sort of demon for saying this but. Sometimes i will watch those cyberbullying suicide videos and laugh. Yes, i sometimes laugh at how idiotic and weak people can be
Cant wait to see your reply.


Ladies and Gentlemen I beg of you to see no persuasion in this weak case presented via the affirming. This is simply because the case presented simply leads nowhere at all, only outlines an opinion of an issue, being cyber bullying should not be taken seriously. I have analysed the case and nowhere have con stated how they are going to go about this. They did list some minor solutions like leaving sites, and toughening up, but how are the going to display this idea and enforce it all around the world? This is a key missing piece in their case for it determines whether or not their will be problems with enforcing their idea.

This case I present to you today shall be purely based upon a dissection of con's arguments. Please note that the order of my rebuttal is in the order of their case. I shall break it down simply for you by quoting a bit of cons argument and then shall explain it in further.

"opposite views on the subject" - im sorry i actually have a mutual view on the matter, im simply representing ones other opinion.

"my case is people are way too sensitive" - why wasn't this listed in your setup? At the very end of your case you try to explain to me how a debate works when clearly you have no clue what you are presenting forward, and how u are going to go about it. When have you told us how you are going to go about making people less sensitive? We now have to assume you are going to do nothing about it and just let them suffer for you have not yet of listed it.

"worse things in the world than cyberbullying" - Great to see we can relate on an issue, however that does not mean we should just ignore it and leave it, we can save people "fish poo in water and food" at the same time as we can resolve cyberbullying. We cannot just set aside all the issues in the world just to focus on your "fish poo in water and food".

"people should not be depressed from insults" - so ladies and gentlemen you hear that, the affirming believes if you are called something, lets say "fat", then you shouldn't be offended by it. Imagine if you are called fatty, or flat chest, man boobs, anything and you could not take offence to it, you just had to move on with your life, this purely gives the bullies every right to keep saying it until it becomes a normal online greeting. Imagine looking down to your phone to see the words in bold on texts say "greetings fat person" or imagine even a friend or family member seeing the text.

"its their choice to kill themselves" - well in the majority of countries it is illegal to kill yourself. if u are suggesting that suicide is ok in this world you are defying laws, if you wanted to make suicide legal as well you should have once again included this in your setup.

"taking an insult is not an important issue, called a get over it and move on" - so people who do take offence should just suffer and end up illegally killing themselves with no choice of will because their minds are overpowered with emotions of sadness, not help should be given???

"people would get over petty insults" - is this purely based on ones assumption because u said that you where only going to use facts and logic??? and what are you going to do with the people who dont get over the so called petty insults? Do you take into consideration that some insults are not actually "petty"?

"there are worse things in the world than cyberbullying" - yes, we agree however that does not mean you should just stop caring about the people who are cyberbullied.

" people will realise how petty cyberbullying really is" - im gathering another assumption??? also would this really happen if you remove all help towards people who are cyberbullied, don't you think people would realise how bad of a problem it is, no councilling and help for these people would only make the issue greater.

"we should make it so that people realise how stupid and petty cyberbullying really is" - how are you going to do this!!!! why wasn't this listed in your setup??? and is child abduction and rape petty??? because online web chats and stuff all lead to this.

"whether its their fault or not there will always be weak people" - We need to help these weak people, for all we know you could be one of the weak people and you would be crying when you don't have help.

Affirming's point 9 refers to no articles suggesting cyber bullying has lead to physical violence. However, without even needing to do research it is very clear that self-violence which is physical can be caused via cyberbullying. Let alone rape and abduction cases caused by web chat sites, whether you admit it or not this is a form of cyber bullying, and even cyber bullying with calling names etc leads to meeting up in real life to have a fight.

"more important issues in the world" - of course, global warming, health care, education........etc. But the one the affirming team suggested in their opening case was about fish poop in food and water. What a great substitute for cyberbullying. Ladies and gentlemen you have witnessed this yourself, the affirming team believe that fish poop in food and water (which when does that happen) is more important than depression and suicide. They have got their priorities in the wrong place.

Then furthermore reading your case I came across you telling me how a debate should work and you saying "that is simply not how a debate works, you can't point to a problem and complain about it without giving a solution. Well ladies and gentlemen don't get me wrong but isn't this statement are representation of the whole affirming's case? They have told us a problem in saying that cyber bullying should not be looked at as a problem, but not told us how they are going to go about forming a solution? Very hypocritical and contradicting of your case.

"and by the way with the insults. This is a debate not a youtube comments section" - the insult was purely a challenged conclusion and again is it not hypocritical to state that when you stated the cyberbullying comments are just something stupid like "ur dum lol", is that not an insult to every single human being that has being cyber bullied and has suffered depression, is that not offensive to all the people who have wanted to kill themselves for when people have said cruel things much more than your stereotypical "ur dum lol". HOW DO YOU THINK ALL THOSE INNOCENT LIVES WOULD FEEL WHEN THEY THINK THAT THEIR LIVES BEING DESTROYED IS BECUASE OF JUST SOME "ur dum lol" comment.

"i have not seen or heard from anything that involving cyberbullying that has made me think "wow, what a sad and depressing cyberbullying article" - again!!! what is with the personal opinions, for all we know you could be a cyber bully and you have no emotions at all, what happend to the facts?

"its their choice its none of our business if they get stupid and decide to kill themselves" - it is against the law to kill yourself in most countries and we need to help the people who try to kill themselves. Also do you take no emotion to suicide? you havent denied that it is problem in cyber bullying but yet you state you haven't found anything that made you think "wow what a sad and depressing... Again if you want to change the laws involving suicide please in future list this in your setup.

"because cyber bullying is a person miles from you saying mean things" - did you ever think of stalkers faking their identity living across the road, or maybe even a friend from school, anyone can cyber bully you very opinionated and stereotypical of you to say "miles away"

Then finally we come into a conclusion of your case when you basically list some solution to preventing cyber bullying. But wait a minute why are you trying to prevent cyberbullying when you just want to make them suffer and try and get over it. In future please try and make the points and ideas you are trying to get across more straight forward because I am left totally puzzled on what you are even trying to change in this world.

Simply this is how you should lay out your case:
point 1 - main point (principle) and how you are going to go about making this change.
point 2
point 3
Once you can understand the basic concept structure you could then move onto created it more defensive or offensive.

Before your eyes ladies and gentlemen we have a case that is leading way in favour of the negating rather than the affirmative. The affirmative have delivered an unclear case as to what they are even going to do, they have brought in self-opinions with no factual evidence and have even stated material defying some laws to do with suicide. They have stereotyped what cyberbullying really is and offended lots of people along the way. I really feel sympathetic for the affirming to try and bring their case back together for their introductory can no longer be changed.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
Challenge me to another debate, and I will accept and we can pick up where we left off
Posted by afroninja61104 2 years ago
Very sorry everyone I did not have the time to make my last argument. No, I did not forfeit because I feel I lost. There will very likely be a part 2.
If that sort of thing happens on this website, i'm still new to this, but, I love debating and I am very sad that I did not get the chance to reply
Posted by ShaunTakesOn 2 years ago
@natho_thebrainz, everyone else would learn the same thing if they put forth the same effort. They have their choice, either buck up and handle it like an adult or be a crybaby that's constantly dependent on others.
Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
@ShaunTakesON, Thanks, no further comments.
Posted by ShaunTakesOn 2 years ago
@natho_thebrainz, knowing what I know now, I would prefer to not be babied. It's better for me that I learn to deal with things without assistance so that I become more efficient at handling things alone. You can't always expect that help will be available.
Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
@shauntakeson, so Shaun, one day if you were to fall apart emotionally because of a cyber bully attack, would you like everyone around you to just leave you and make you suffer?
Posted by ShaunTakesOn 2 years ago
@natho_thebrainz, your inability to grasp the concept of what I have stated does not mean I do not understand your point or haven't read your comments. I read it in it's entirety and responded accordingly. You fail to understand that evolution does not care about your personal feelings. The survival of a species is directly affected by it's ability to adapt to it's environment. If these people can not adapt, then the law of nature dictates that they will have a difficult time surviving. You are attempting to argue against the physics of reality. My "opinions" are based on scientific data, yours are based on emotions. Science overrules your personal feelings.
Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
@shauntakeson, No further questions or statements, you just are not understanding nor reading my argument in full and literally making up stuff based on your own opinion that why should we even care about? Thank you, were done here.
Posted by ShaunTakesOn 2 years ago
@natho_thebrainz, If they are so emotionally disturbed that a single person calling them fat causes that much trouble, then they were going to end up an emotional wreck anyway, even if phones and the internet didn't exist. Those type of people are disturbed even if you look at them in a way they do not understand, even if you had no negative intentions. "Offense is never given, it is taken"
Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
@ShaunTakesOn, I understand you are an emotionless person, however that does not mean everyone else is, but the key thing you ignored from my defense was that even when people leave, and block the bullier, the emotions are still attached to them, have you heard of anorexia? You message a girl and tell her shes fat she could take it to the extreme levels and still think she fat even after shes blocked you etc, because the next time she looks in the mirror all she will see is "fat". So yes Shaun some people embrace themselves for who they are while others struggle to do so, its not about whether or not you need to baby them, but its that you need to talk to them, a simple chat with a counselor is all it can take, rather than letting them end up in an emotional reck.
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