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should electronics be allowed in school?

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Started: 4/13/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Electronics should be allowed in school. They should for many reasons. First of all, they encourage students to go to school. 95% of students don't go to school regularly. This would increase that percentage by 5%. Also, students don't have an excuse for not getting their homework done because they can just use their email to receive the class work. Students would learn more and get better grades which can lead to amazing things when they grow up. Students learn responsibility from electronics because they know to take extremely good care of electronics, much more than text books or home work folders. Many kids in my classes have ripped up folders and binders that don't help anything. Electronics help everything though. Electronics save money from the supplies like scissors and markers. Backpacks can hurt you're back or even damage it but small bags for electronics certainly don't. Electronics are fast and up to date. Electronics should be allowed in schools. [][] :-)


I would like to start by stating some reasons on why Allowing Students to bring their electronics is a bad idea.

1. Distractions. Kids today are growing up with technology all around them. As they adapt to these, they have the urge to take them with them wherever they go. But the main point here is that -- they are ALWAYS using them, to play games, check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ETC. Is that habit going to stop just because they are in class? Absolutely not. What this will lead to is a DECREASE in grades. So Pros statement - "Students would learn more and get better grades" is false.

Since my opponent has limited this debate to 1000 characters, I am forced to be brief. So I will move right along to a Rebuttal about his opening argument.

-"95% of students don't go to school regularly. " - With all due respect, this statement sounds 100% bogus. I wish for my opponent to provide some proven evidence that this is true.

As of right now the entire premise of his argument is false.
Debate Round No. 1


i am sorry for that percentage, i just checked the website and that isn't correct. Anyways, the electronics could/ would be entered into a school Apple account so that they couldn't buy any in-educational games, songs, or apps. This would prevent not learning during class. Many schools are doing just that and things are working fine. Students know that they have to get work done, so they do. This option will happen eventually, so why not now? In addition, schools that use this option have the students their not be able to forget their homework because they can just use their emails.


Thanks for your response.

My opponent has stated "The electronics could/ would be entered into a school Apple account so that they couldn't buy any in-educational games, songs, or apps. This would prevent not learning during class." But this does not prevent the student from logging out of theses accounts and then logging into theirs, to play and download material that is now school related.

Also, Pro's statement, does not refute that fact that kids could still check and be on Social Media.

I would also like to refute that Pros statement

"Not be able to forget their homework because they can just use their emails."

This raises even more problems, due to that fact that there would be Compatibility issues with programs. Most schools are all running PC's. I myself have a Macbook. I know that a lot of other kids do to. This can raise compatibility issues between Windows programs , and OS X Applications. Nothing can square up to the reliability of physical paper with ink on it.
Debate Round No. 2


you know, you're just making excuses for everything i say. IPads make it almost impossible for a student to log out of the Apple account that is being used, and with all windows, apple, and google chrome accounts you can use a different email. i am pretty sure that most of what you are saying is most definitely not true but you need to write something. please show me proof of what you have written or i can report your debates.

thank you,


Voters, My Opponent is contradicting himself dramatically and clearly does not have a clear understanding on structure of debates.

"you know, you're just making excuses for everything i say. " - I am not making excuses...I am refuting what your saying and then making counter-arguments.

Also voters, I would like to point out that my opponent has limited this debate to 1000 characters. This makes it very difficult to have Arguments, Refutals, Counterargument.

Pro claims most of what I'm saying is false. Voters, How is me saying that kids can still go onto Social Media, with internet connectivity false? How is me saying that many Windows programs are not Compatible with Mac? Many of which are used every day by schools.

I wish for my opponent to provide everything of what I said that is not true because I already have refuted most if not all, of what he has said, but his last argument was simply a attack, saying he doesn't like how I can refute everything My Opponent is saying.
Debate Round No. 3


I myself go to a school with electronics and my school is a hard working school that is always on top of everything. Most of my classmates and I already know Algebra 1. In most other schools my grade should be learning multiplying and dividing fractions! My school is teaching my grade how to write 6 page essays and science elements-all of them. My school is a very fast paced school that I enjoy. Everyone likes knowing they are ahead and will not be completely knew to the things coming in higher grades like high school. Homework ends up never being late and there are never problems with students switching into their own Apple accounts-except once 1 year ago and the boy was suspended- so I am happy with the way things are going. It has made so many kids love school and actually work hard to get good grades that they then know they deserve. You may think there would be problems, so did our school, but there were and still are less problems than without them. I am happy with electronics.[]


Voters, I deserve the win for this debate, due to the following reasons:

1. I have made a valid Contention, and my Opponent has not refuted it at all, as a result it still stands strong.

2. I have refuted most and if not all of what my Opponent has said and proved each and every time, that they were not valid, and held no water.

My opponent, has used his entire 3rd round argument, to tell me that he is not happy with the way I debate, and the fact that I can prove everything that he is saying wrong. He has used less than good grammar in this debate, and has not kept, and debate structure present.

Thank you Pro, for this good debate, and Voters... Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by iLaughWeird 7 years ago
clairey is cleary in the right here
Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
95% percent of students do not go to school regularly? Where do you live? The Pitcairn Islands?
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Vote Placed by Ragnar 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Opened up with baseless absolute statements, such as kids always gaming, and computers at pros school (hope it was not every school) raising attendance to a whole 10%. Pro threw out conduct by threatening to report con if con did not cease being mean to his arguments. Arguments by rebuttals and pro actually disagreeing with himself (nearly impossible to switch logins on an apple computer...). S&G favor con, but not by enough for point. No sources.

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