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should euthanasia be legal?

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Started: 12/23/2017 Category: People
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Euthanasia does not value human life. Even if you think there is absolutely no chance of the human surviving, there is still a chance. For example, a woman who was in stage 5 cancer who the doctors thought would die soon, woke up the next morning with no cancer in her bodies. There have been miracles that have happened. Humans are not the same as pets. You should treat a human life way more valuable then a dog life.
Some people say that humans should be in charge of their own life. But you are giving the doctors a job they don't want to have which is killing someone. This leads to PTSD. If the doctors refuse to kill the person, they get fired, it is as simple as that.
Another reason euthanasia should be illegal is because it can cause pain. People say the procedure for euthanasia is painless, but can you really measure pain. you can't. You have know idea what level of pain the patient could be experiencing during euthanasia. How do you know that that pain is not worse than the pain that they will experience, you just never know?
Another reason euthanasia should not be legalized is because it encourages suicide, and could result in stupid decisions from other patients. Euthanasia sends the message to people that life is really not worth living. What will happen is the suicide rate will go up. That is never good. Now lets look at the patient portion of euthanasia. Legalizing euthanasia could make patients think that they need it in a moments pain. If they are going through a temporary, but extremely painful virus, they could request euthanasia even if they don't need it. This will happen more often do we think because how often are we thinking straight when we are in high levels of pain?
In conclusion, euthanasia should not be legalized. It doesn't value human life, it gives doctors a big decision to make, (and a mistake would lead to PTSD), and the suicide rate will go up. For these reasons, euthanasia should not be legalized.
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