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should girls be treated different

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Started: 1/14/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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are girls like boys should you treat them different because how they were born cause they have different parts cause little get way emotional


Equality among genders is something so long fought for for so many years! It seems there is little reason to suggest that women be treated any differently than men. Women now can change a tire, play video games, listen to metal, go work, join the military, etc all things fought for and now allowed. They STILL are fighting to this day to be seen as truly equal! As a man, I want this equality. It not only benefits women as the paranoia between men and women would not exist as much, but also, women would be payed more and do things themselves that they had to rely on men for. I would be more than happy if women came up to men to ask them out, to chase more often after guys, to go up and compliment guys, to pay for their own meals, to work while a man stays home if they get unemployed, etc. There are so many benefits to equality on both sides! We already use part of it and it works well, so why stop it? I, like many men, would rather a women work if they can and if needed. I would propose to fix the problem of kids not seeing their parents as much as a result to put in more vacation time for people at least in America. At least in America, there is little vacation time compared to other countries. Solve this, and there is less pressure for women to stay at home and spend time with kids because they can use their vacation time for that if expanded. I highly encourage women to push for all that they can be and use their minds all they can and I hate when men stand in the way. Women have just as much potential as men. They are just like us with modified parts. In the end, they are about the same. Society just pushes to make that SEEM untrue. If men no longer put women on a pedestal as if worshiped, (just look at Instagram pages of females), then women don't feel the pressure of owing anything to men for this shower of praise. On the contrary, the women looked down upon should not be looked down upon because they don't look exactly like this or that. They have just as much potential so let them fulfill it! Let men and women stand and advance society as what they are: HUMANS!
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Posted by s-wangam 3 years ago
okay, is the title 'girls should be treated different'
'girls should not be treated different'
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