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should guys hit women ?

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Started: 2/20/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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i do not like the way guys treat women these days not like the old days


I accept.

The term "hit" is a very broad term, and since Con has not provided a definition for this term, I will.

Hit (verb): To come into contact with forcefully

Because I don't know whether Con will be debating on whether guys should hit women or whether guys should treat women like the old days, I will be arguing against both.

I will be arguing that there are some instances/situations where guys should hit women.
I will also be arguing that guys should not treat women like the old days.

State your case.
Debate Round No. 1


nati_230 forfeited this round.


I will describe a scenario:
When a woman is attacking a man with the intent of hurting him, he is certainly entitled to hit her.

He should hit her because every person has their Right of Self-Defense, which is is the right for civilians acting on their own behalf to engage in a level of violence, called reasonable force or defensive force, for the sake of defending one's own life or the lives of others.


Guys should not treat women like they did the old days because in the old days, women were discriminated against much more than today. They did not have the right to vote, and were denied of the jobs and carreers available to men.

Therefore, guys should not treat women like they did the old days.
Debate Round No. 2


nati_230 forfeited this round.


Con has clearly abandoned the debate that he instigated.

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by KaleBevilacqua 6 years ago
Defro summed it up perfectly. Good job.
Posted by megablocks 6 years ago
I think that boys should be able to hit girls in self-defense other wise I don't care one bit
Posted by saxman 6 years ago
I think by old days is when men treated women with respect. Respect. There was a particular balance. but women wanted the right to vote. and as always, society resists change. but its equal treatment. But hitting women is not right. Chivalry is important. People need to think on personal morality and not federal law. Now I'm not say8ing anarchy, but only obeying laws in like not failing in school. Going out of your way to make society better gives you an A. Back in the old days, men went out of their way to protect women.
Posted by MysticEgg 6 years ago
Are you arguing for all cases?
Posted by Jonbonbon 6 years ago
The old days? Like when we didn't have any rights worth a crap? Those days?
Posted by Topkek 6 years ago
If our goal is to have women be the equals of men, then society must accept men being able to hit women. That is not to say that men SHOULD hit women, but if a women physically begins attacking a man, there should not be anything wrong with a man fighting back with reasonable force.
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