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should holiday decorations be allowed in public school

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Started: 12/13/2018 Category: Arts
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as a student myself i do believe that holiday decorations should be allowed in schools it makes school more exciting and more purposeful


I am a student myself as well. Could you give me some examples of holiday decorations that you think should be in schools? I will argue in round 2
Debate Round No. 1


Christmas decorations such as posters that students can make and for Halloween you could have jack o lanterns, Bats, Or even monsters like mummies or Frankenstein furthermore for thanks giving you could have turkey stickers


Halloween decorations: Those are at my school, I think those are fine. Are they really going to offend someone with that? No.

Christmas decorations: Christmas is a no, Christmas is directly connected to a religion and celebrating it with decorations inside of a school can offend people from other religions, And atheists. We can not celebrate a certain religion in school unless we celebrate every single one, Which is not happening, So you can't celebrate any. Otherwise, It's unconstitutional.

Thanksgiving: Yeah who really cares thanksgiving is not a big deal we don't need decorations for it.
Debate Round No. 2


Although this may be true, I said students can make their posters. Which includes Christians, Jews, Satanist, Etc. This would bring holiday joy all around the school. Also specific teachers if they approve can do "holiday singing" not Christmas caroling. These songs would include "Frosty the snow man" "Jungle bells" Etc
Debate Round No. 3
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