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should homeschooling be illegal

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Started: 9/19/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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this idiot said "You don't really develop social skills with home schooling." well I am a homeschooler and I know LATIN, I can draw and label the WHOLE WORLD FROM MEMORY, I know most capitals(of the USA), I can debate fairly well, I know most fallacies do you even know one word in Latin? I can draw like a MASTER. I can program computers. .can you even DRAW just the USA? do you even know what a fallacy is? try drawing a descent circle. do you even know what 1011 to base 2 is?.........thought so. well I will see you in the debate. good luck and God bless...


Hello Con, I hope we can have a civil and level-headed debate. I will be arguing for the side that homeschooling should be illegal.

Con spent the first round explaining, with obvious pride, the skills he has picked up from homeschool. Skills that, I would argue, are useless. Con knows Latin, a dead language that he will never use in the real world. He knows most (not all) state capitals and claims he can draw and label the whole world from memory. What good is that? These things can simply be Googled nowadays. He claims to know most fallacies. Apparently he forgot about the "anecdotal" fallacy, which he himself committed in this first argument [1].

Besides, many of these skills can be easily acquired in a public school. Con claims he can "draw like a MASTER". I'd like him to show some examples of his work to back up such a grandiose claim. Going back to my point, every public school has an art class, always taught by a skilled artist who can help students hone their skills much better than any parent can. Every student has to learn the state capitals, and most schools offer programming and Latin classes, so pointing out these things doesn't really strengthen Con's argument.

This debate was apparently created as a response to someone who said "You don't really develop social skills with home schooling". Not only do I agree with that assessment, but Con doesn't try to refute it. Examine Con's argument; at no point does he say that he has social skills. I don't seek to attack anyone personally, but it's rather obvious why homeschoolers have less opportunity to socialize. Unless they take part in a bunch of costly activities like camp, they miss out on the dynamics of friendship and dating that are essential parts of growing up.

One final point I'd like to make is that most parents aren't equipped to be teachers. As someone who is studying to be a teacher, I can tell you that we're trained extensively in our subject, in child and adolescent psychology, and on the best educational practices. I know anyone can buy a homeschool curriculum, but these don't equip a parent to understand the nuances of teaching. And parents are especially prone to giving their children information that is either useless, like Latin, or wrong, like creationism. If a parent wants to give their child a religion-based education, that's fine, but at least send them to a private school and leave it to the professionals.

Homeschooling isn't an adequate way to train children how to function in the social world or prepare them for adult life. For this reason, it should be illegal.

Debate Round No. 1


you say Latin is a dead language well have you been to Texas there is a city called Corpus Christi which means the body of Christ in Latin it is also similar to other languages. so there was this lady and she learned Latin and she wanted to work as a doctor so on her resume it said she knew 6 different languages the guy interviewing her said how did you take the time to learn all these languages and she said i didn't i just learned Latin. OK fine i committed a fallacy and its called inductive reasoning. and i can draw well i will upload a picture later. social skills: well..........i have a TON of friends just to name a few... Nate Micah josh Calub Alan Jill Bencalub Steven Carissa Elana Brayen Hudson Bethany Anna Karris Kambri David Brooke Chloe etc... and i have ben in a few dates and i have had a few girlfriends in the past but not now. now you say parents are not equipped to homeshool well there are things called Co-Ops where one adult teaches 7-9 kids and they meet once a week and grade every thing teach you the things you need and tell you what to do over the next week and then you do that then you go to Co-Op the next week and repeat your parents dont have to tell you a thing...well thats all i have to sat right now good luck and God bless...


Thank you for the quick and polite reply, Con. Who was this Latin-speaking lady you speak of? Can you give me any sources that tell her story? It kind of sounds like a fake parable, but perhaps I’m wrong. And even if somebody were to put such a thing in their resume, it wouldn’t be true. Now it’s correct that many modern languages - Spanish, French, Italian, and more - are direct descendants of Latin. But reading one of them doesn’t give you the power to know them all; that’s not how the nature of language works.

I’ll give you an example. Click this link and try to read what it says in the image, and no cheating!

Pretty much nobody can read it except scholars of philology. This is the Lord’s Prayer in Old English, another dead language which stopped being spoken a thousand years ago. It’s the ancestor of the English we’re speaking right now, and yet it’s entirely unreadable. So how could someone who speaks an even older language - Latin - possibly understand 6 different ones that went through millennia of change?

Okay, I’ll admit, that was just a derail from the topic at hand on my part. I’ll get back on track. Con is fortunate enough to have parents who allow him to make friends. But there are certainly homeschooling parents who would prohibit their children from socializing at all and cloister them up at home. This might be for religious reasons, or mental health issues, or others. Children should be allowed to develop to their fullest potential, and not be left to the whim of their moms and dads.

Con has informed me about the “Co-Ops” system, which I’ll admit I didn’t know about. But all it appears to be is a way for parents to rotate their homeschooling to give the others more free time. He ignored what I pointed out, that they don’t have the credentials necessary to teach a child. Also he didn’t say anything about public schools, which I can forgive because he’s never attended a public school, just as I have very little knowledge about homeschool.

Con, if you think about homeschoolers who aren’t as fortunate as you, you’ll find that many of them aren’t blessed with friends, knowledge, internet, and freedom like you are. These problems can be solved by having them attend any sort of school, public or private. That’s about all I have to say this round, back to you!

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Connor-Arno-MS-KG-AD 2 years ago
i didn't forfeit it was my brothers birthday and we went on a mini vacation and it automatically made me forfeit
Posted by Connor-Arno-MS-KG-AD 2 years ago
i didn't forfeit it was my brothers birthday and we went on a mini vacation and it automatically made me forfeit
Posted by Connor-Arno-MS-KG-AD 2 years ago
i didn't forfeit it was my brothers birthday and we went on a mini vacation and it automatically made me forfeit
Posted by Phenenas 2 years ago
@Bitch_Goddess I absolutely agree with you! Homeschooling should be 100% legal. I just love playing Devil's advocate every now and again.

And it doesn't matter anyway cause my opponent forfeited. I had that coming, I guess.
Posted by Bitch_Goddess 2 years ago
Why should it be ILLEGAL though?
Many schools teach us useless information. Which includes learning languages we will most likely never need to use again unless we plan on going to an area that is the particular language-speaking country (which the majority do not).
Just because some are not good teachers, does not mean all. Therefore, all homeschool teachers should not have their decision to teach their own children completely illegalized over that of the few that make them look bad.
There are, again, many teachers that teach in public schools that are bad as well. Shall we illegalize public schools because of the minority teachers who have done bad things? Of course not.
SO why should we do that for homeschooling teachers?
Not to mention the amount of money you have to spend in order to keep up with everything schools want/require you to buy.
"Homeschooling isn't an adequate way to train children how to function in the social world or prepare them for adult life."
.....are you genuinely serious?
George Washington was homeschool. Roosevelt was homeschooled. James Madison was homeschooled. Hell, even J.R.R Tolkien was homeschooled. And this is just a few. They all grew to be leaders. Some, incredible social skills and clearly successful adult lives.

It should NOT be illegal to teach your own child. That idea, in and of itself, is a ludicrous one.

I mean, illegalizing teaching your own kids..? Goddamn.
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
So far I agree with Connor-Arno-MS-KG-AD, but Phenenas is doing a ton better at actually debating this. Con likely mostly needs more experience, but would benefit from reading other debates on this site to better understand how to formulate an argument.
Posted by What50 2 years ago
To be fair most of Pro's main arguments as Con said an anecdotal.
Posted by roadrider13 2 years ago
I strongly believe the homeschooling should be legal because children with medical disabilities like autism and ADHD can't really control themselves.(I'm not judging) And so homeschooling can be a excellent option to those kind of kids.
Posted by Shad0wXx 2 years ago
@Phenesas, Your argument seems to have many statements that are merely your opinion, not facts. In my opinion, for example, Creationism is not false, and Latin is far from useless. It has similarities to languages used today, so one might be able to at least partially understand someone speaking a foreign language. I could probably name more problems with your argument, but I'm not the one debating you.
Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
You are using the wrong approach. Evidently, for all your knowledge, you have neglected to learn the most important thing of all: How to be winsome. Your whole tirade is more of an embarrassment to the homeschool community than a defense thereof.

(Oh, and by the way, you spelled "descent" (sic) wrong. It should be spelled "decent")
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