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should homework be optional?

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Started: 12/4/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'd love to have this as a debate as I feel this could be a good debate, please only accept if you have full intent to finish

Homework should not be mandatory assignments, the whole purpose of homework is to give practice for students to learn the subject better, however, this should not be mandatory as it is the SCHOOLS job to make certain the students know the material in the allotted time for the school day, not the student's personal life, also the idea of mandatory homework is idiotic because then the teacher needs to take time out of their life to grade it, create the practace, and other aspects involving homework


I have accepted the debate and I will try to finish it.

Yes, your personal life is very important. And I admit that homework is very tiresome. But homework isn't just there for the torture of kids. It helps you understand better concepts and teaches you valuable lessons in life, even when you don't know you are. Homework isn't idiotic at all!

Well, here's one obvious reason. Homework helps people understand the concept better. By practicing at home, you can see for yourself what you have to improve on. The school isn't totally responsible for your understanding a concept! They are responsible for teaching you well, and it's up to you to try to learn. Pay attention in class. You have to practice, because there is the saying, "practice makes perfect." Practice at school? I doubt that there is sufficient time to practice. School is a place to learn.

A good teacher is always prepared and knows what is coming. A teacher knows that he or she is going to have to give homework and other assignments to the students. Isn't that quite obvious? Teachers should give homework to their students. Look, if all of the class is doing well, the teacher gets a good reputation. And for the class to do well, they have to practice things that they don't understand. '

Homework can also teach a student to use his or her time wisely. Procrastination is a big part of our lives these days because there are so many interesting things to distract us. But when you waste time, you have less time to do your homework. You might rush and end up with sloppy work or not do the homework at all. This doesn't teach you anything. When you face the consequences of not doing your homework, you are slowly teaching yourself to use your time wisely and to focus when you are doing something productive.

Truthfully, I think there are flaws in this whole debate. Should homework be optional? Technically, homework IS optional! You don't have to do it. Yes, your parents will force you to do it, but in the end, you are the one who is actually doing the assignment. You just have to face the consequences.
The real problem with homework, in my opinion, is that there are times when teachers give too much. And we should all find a way to give each person the work that he or she needs to improve on. With all the technology we have today, I believe it is possible.
Debate Round No. 1


this is on me for not specifying, I meant should homework be optional from the school and not graded, every school I have been too and seen requires students to take homework home and complete it or suffer a worse grade, I apologize for not making more clear.

and homework doesn't teach students to use time more wisely it only teaches them to do the problems or get a repercussion, in fact, my very own sister is a current student at Cal State Domingas hills and when she spends all her time working or doing homework with rarely any time for other things due to the grading repercussions of homework, yes teachers give to much homework and normally very little time to complete it typically 1-2 days or you get the weekend to complete the unwanted assignment, homework can be useful in allowing people who have limited knowledge of the subject to get better, however, those who have perfected the knowledge are forced to spend time on that as oppose to another subject they struggle in that did not provide homework


Well, this makes things a bit difficult. Still, I'll try to keep going.
If homework is optional, you wouldn't do it! We all want to do the easier and fun thing, it's just human nature. Unless you have a great passion for learning, nobody would do homework at all. And I have already said that teachers can give too much homework. But look, the title of the debate says, "should homework be optional?" not "should teachers give less homework." I think the whole topic has bit altered right now.

I've already explained the importance of homework. It teaches us valuable life skills, lets us practice things we aren't good at, and helps us have good time management. Yes, there are times when teachers give too little time to finish homework. However, good teachers probably know the overall standard of the class and WILL give you enough time to finish homework. At my school, I have an experienced and wise teacher that knows our class average. He gives more than enough time to finish our homework.

Now let's talk about people who have "perfected the knowledge." Well, first of all, yes, teachers should give the amount of homework needed for each student. But I've already said that in the first round. And humans are never perfect. Even if you know everything about a topic, it will still help you if you practice, because a lot of us tend to forget some things that we learn.

Truthfully, I am having a hard time trying to get the actual purpose of your arguments. "However, those who have perfected the knowledge are forced to spend time on that as oppose to another subject they struggle in that did not provide homework" is what you said. You are first saying that teachers give too much homework. And now in this argument, you are saying that some people can have trouble in a subject that does not provide homework. Doesn't that contradict your first statement? Please correct me if I am mistaken.

I thank the Pro for continuing the debate. I wait for the Pro's next argument.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank you for continuing and once again apologize for not being clear, I will try and be more clear with my arguments, what I was trying to argue is that if a student needs more practice on one subject and less on another their should be no repercussion for focusing your efforts on the subject you believe you need more practice in, and to respond to your statement about students doing homework, the reason they don't wish to do homework is it is forced on them, if you make it fully optional and not graded where they only do practice if they feel they need it the students will be able to relies what subject they need more help in and do it themselves, also we have the fact not all students are able to complete homework, due to home environments some people will not have the ability or time to complete the assignments, or they will not be able to focus on it.
I apologise again for my poor explaining, thank you for responding and let me know if you wish for more clarification, I await your next argument


I thank the Pro for clarifying things. Yes, I think we can continue now.

You are now basing your arguments on excessive homework, so I will do the same.
There are many points of yours that I agree with. People do not need extra homework. If a person is very good at a subject and has fully understood it, there would be no need to do it. However, you have come to the conclusion that making homework fully optional. There are people out there who have a great desire to learn. However, I am quite certain that if homework is fully optional, most people wouldn't do it. Who would want to use their time to do homework if they can just play and have fun? Get rid of the consequences if you don't do your homework? That encourages people to ignore homework completely.

I have already listed the benefits of homework, so we can see that it is very important for learning. Isn't it quite obvious that if you let students do it themselves, they won't do it? Of course, a few might, but eventually, we'll all stop.
I know some people have some problems at home so that they can't finish their homework. But then it would be your job to tell the teacher what is going on at home. Maybe you can ask the teacher for extra work in class.

If homework isn't graded, then how would you know how well you did in your work. If the teacher only gives you the score and no grade, there are two things that could happen (maybe more). First, it would obviously encourage you more to not do your homework. Second, homework can be a great way to boost your grade. If you do it well, your grade will go up. If projects are included as homework, then what would a teacher grade you on? Enthusiasm? Participation?

I completely agree with you that people shouldn't have excess homework. But making it completely optional just isn't the solution.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by godofwolves 2 years ago
I wanted to apologies, something personal came up along with (surprise surprise) an excessive amount of homework, if you wish to continue the debate please let me know now that we are on the same pagem again I am sorry I lost track of time it was my fault have a good day
Posted by jules22 2 years ago
Ghosty15 makes a good point that homework is practice whether or not the student is excelling in the subject, but I have to agree with godofwolves that homework should be optional. Homework is just more work for students and teachers. For students who excel and do not need the extra practice, by not completing their homework their grade can suffer.
Posted by Ghosty15 2 years ago
Alright, I accepted this debate mostly just for fun. My arguments might be a bit weird, but I promise that I'll finish the debate. However, I have mixed feelings about homework, and most people just don't like homework. I think I'm going to lose, but it's still going to be fun.
Posted by What50 2 years ago
Homework is optional.
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