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should kanye be president of 2020

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Started: 1/24/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Kanye Should Not Run: yes Kanye isn"t afraid to express his opinions & feelings about anything; however he can be a tad bit emotional when doing so " lets not forget the infamous, "Kanye Rants". I can see it now, Kanye being upset that something didn"t go exactly as he planned it to go & putting the entire U.S. on punishment " no one is allowed to go outside for an entire week or until things go as he stated. That"ll suck! Kanye doesn"t come alone. He"s a married man; therefore his wife, Kim " and I"m quite sure her entire Kardashian family will also come along. I actually keep up with The Kardashians, which at times can be a bit much, I"m not sure if the White House & the entire U.S. can handle or even want to deal with reality TV & the things that comes along with it. Not exactly sure if Kanye thought out this entire Presidency but we all know Kanye main issue is within the music industry. The President of the U.S. doesn"t have anything to do with that; therefore during certain award shows, especially the Grammys, I can already foresee someone winning an award over someone else & Kanye not agreeing with it so it have the entire channel interrupted by one of his rants. Lol!
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Posted by Sovcody2 2 years ago
He can't even last as long as Hillary Clinton on a stage without quitting.
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